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We went into the home depot on wall Ave in Ogden to look at prices for a vacuum that we planned on getting at Walmart. However we revived gift card for home depot so went to look.

While there we sweet a different version that according to the box sticker was on sale. We decided that's we would try that one instead and went to check out. The price came up 199 not the 89 that it said on the box so the casheir looked over the sticker and called to the back. While on the phone she said its the same brand and evrryhing the prices are just wrong.

The person told her to honor the price so she called over the manager to override the price the manager came over and said that its not right they aren't going to do that price someone put the wrong sticker on it. So I said we will just go get the other one from Walmart its cheaper there so she asked how much it was there and I told her 130 so she said well we will honor that for a percent match.

So wouldn't honor the price they put on something but jumped at the chance to keep me from Walmart. Yeah right I'm going to Walmart.

Monetary Loss: $199.

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Who said they put the price sticker on the box. Wouldn't be the first time someone tried switching tags to get a lower price.

Even if they had put it on in error they have the right to correct those errors and get the proper price for the product. Bet you wouldn't insist on paying more if the price at the register had come up lower.

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