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I ordered a refridge and a washing machine from Home Depot with a total value of $3000.I was told that this item would be delivered on 1/31/2013.

I called back the delivery company and asked if I could push this out as far as I could because we were in the middle of a build. They told me they latest they could do it would be 2/28/2013. I kindly took this date. I received a phone call on 2/27/2013 that said my date was 2/28/2013 between 3-7.

I took the time off work to make sure I was there. At 4 I received a call that the time was changed to between 4-8. I then received another call at 6:30 from the driver asking if he could turn around a 32ft truck in my driveway. I let him know that the only way this was possible would be to go in the grass.

He said that was against "company policy", but that I could request a smaller truck and he would have it delivered later. I received another call on 3/3/2013 (Sunday night) with a voicemail that did not state a time or date of the delivery, but did state that they would give me a 30 minute call to let me know of their arrival. I received the "30 minute" call at 3:58PM on 3/4/2013 and the driver stated he was 10 minutes away. I told him I was at work and that it would be 30 minutes before I could get there.

He then told me it was "against company policy" to wait and that my order would be cancelled! I immediately called the delivery company who said that there was nothing that they could do and that I would have to speak with Home Depot to re-order the appliances. I spent from 4:06-6:30PM on the phone and in person with both the delivery company and Home Depot.

Since the delivery company is refusing to do anything except cancel the order and the appliances I purchased and PAID for are no longer on sale, I will have to pay an additional $600 for Home Depot to give me the appliances that I know are sitting on the delivery truck.I still have about $20,000 more to spend in flooring, fixtures, and other appliances and I GUARENTEE it won't be with Home Depot!

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Oh does this resonate!In my case the driver refused to deliver at all, citing assorted company Policies.

I later checked these, and they are NOT as he described. I was here, pathways were clear. The guy said the pathways were not "adequate access" and refused to tell me what WAS adequate, refused even to point to the stuff he wanted moved. He left, saying he'd be back in an hour or so.

I virtually emptied the rooms with the "inadequate access" and emptied my refrigerator. 3 hours later, end of day, he had not returned and my food was spoiled.

He never did come back.I am still trying to get a refrigerator, which I too have paid for and is also no longer on sale.

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