I thought wrong when I went with Home Depot. I assumed that a big company like HD actually cared about it's reputation.

Went to the store to replace a leaking 75 Gallon Water Heater, expected $2000 total, was upsold to dual tankless $7600. DRF does the install and is simply awful. The represent themselves as Home Depot, but, once you sign you find out it's DRF and when you call HD, they wear you down making you believe they are actually trying to get results from an installer.

After 6 weeks, without reliable hot water and excuses from both companies, I had to hire a REAL company to fix the issues. HD & DRF have in writing from the manufacturer that the install is wrong, they say they don't have to follow the manufacturer's installation guide.

Bottom line after DRF/HD install 40+ degree temperature fluctuations, low gas pressure, and lots of BS, I'm out $7600 for *** install not supported by the manufacturer.

HD realizes that the cost to sue is greater than the job, I'm hoping that a good attorney reads this and can get other consumers together and gets rich from HD paying their legal fees. I'm willing to waive my rights to collect anything with any law firm that will put them out of the home rip-off (install) business.

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