HD claims to match but when given a 10% off Lowes coupon for purchases up to $5000 Home Depot claimed they would match up to $200 of purchases? That isn't matching.

I went next door to Lowes and spent my $5k in purchases and wont be back to HD. And managers and sales associates were RUDE. League City, Tax manager and salesperson Samantha.

Corporate was called but they could care less and didn't do anything to keep me as a customer. Home Depot lost my business and the business of my contractor husband and I will make it my mission to tell everyone I know that HD is not the place to shop.

Review about: Home Depot Sales Manager.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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first off you gave at least an honest answer in your opening line. HD offered to match up to $200 because that is THEIR policy. the offer from Lowe's for the $500 is THEIR policy and most likely is a hard coded barcode promotion that has to be scanned by the register in order to verify it's usage. where as the HD $200 offer is a markdown taken to satisfy a customer since they can NOT scan a Lowe's coupon to verify it.

secondly how were the employees rude? by offering you $200 off that makes them rude? hmm something not right there.

thirdly calling corporate is great and all but i'm sure you forgot to leave out the part where they would have told you like i stated above that they do match up to $200 off competitors offers. ESPECIALLY if it's like i also state that it was more likely then not a barcode that has to be scanned in order to get the discount and since it's NOT HD's coupon they only offer up to $200 matching off.

lastly if you really have to make it your mission to tell everyone that HD is not the place to shop. you and your husband are going to be very lonely because 99% of the time when someone says they are NOT going back they always do.


So why didnt you go to Lowes in the first place? People like you who feel they are entitled to something are worthless.

Home Depots policy is to give you $200, they dont have to give you anything. Also if the items were on sale at HD, they can not even give you that, it is called Double Dipping. Probably HD had it on sale, Lowes didnt and you were trying to play the system. And what the H*ll is a Tax Manager?

Last I heard the state and federal governments manage tax, not a salesperson. You are an Idi*t.


They do match 10% up to $200 off and that's their policy. Do you understand what a policy is?

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