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Last October 2011 I bought a sixty nine dollar *** trimmer from Home Depot and used it only once right after I bought it and then stored it in my enclosed shed for the winter. Got it out to use it this year, April to be exact, and the thing won't start.

Took the trimmer back and was told that I could pay to have it repaired.

I should have bought the trimmer from Walmart because they would have taken it back with hardly any question. I will never spend another dime at Home Depot and since being retired I had been making several trips a week there, I will go out of my way now and go to Lowes.

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Yea my echo trimmer lasted almost two summers. I took it to Home Depot in King of Prussia.

I know it needed a carb. because a mechanic told me, but they seized the engine after I brought it in. Called said it was done.... then called right back and said " upon further review we found the engine was seized.

Yea ***. Your incompetent people seized my motor.

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