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I bought a rhobi *** eater from home depot in june few weeks later it broke down they let me exchange it. Now the replacement *** eater is broke and they wont take it back.

over the years I have spent thousands of dollars at home depot and this is how they treat a good customer. When will stores figure out without us they dont exist. All of this money will go to another store because of a hundred dollar *** eater.

Well maybe lowes will treat me better. I might not get another *** eater from home depot but they wont get another dollar from me

Monetary Loss: $124.

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North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand #187002


I am sorry to hear about this experience. I can look into this for you. Email me at Erfon_care@homedepot.com with the store location, and your contact info. Also feel free to include the product information for your Ryobi product. I am happy to help.

O look forward to hearing from you


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