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I was told by a customer service supervisor (Dianna)at my local Home Depot, that Home Depot would not honor the 5 year warranty even though I had the receipt and was within the warranty time. She told me that Home Depot would only honor a return within 90 days.

I was not there for a 90 day return I was there for a 5 year warranty exchange. She promptly told me I had to take up the warranty with the manufacture (EVERBILT AKA Home Depot). If I understand the Limited Warranty listed on the back of the package Home Depot warrants this product for 60 months under normal use and service conditions. This element lasted 4 year under normal conditions in our home hot water tank before failing.

I would like to exchange it within the warranty service time of 60 months. Will Home Depot honor its warranty or not.

User's recommendation: Be Aware.

Monetary Loss: $18.

Preferred solution: A warranty Exchange.

Home Depot Pros: Good selection of items.

Home Depot Cons: Customer service.

Location: 100 Arthur F Brady Drive, Portsmouth, NH 03801

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Read the warranty. Does it say to take it back to the store you bought it from or does it say to contact the manufacturer or send it to them?

Retail stores don't back warranties, The manufacturer is responsible for the warranty. You need to follow the directions in the warranty and not just assume you can return the product to the store.


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