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My mother purchased appliances for a rental condo she owned. She took advantage of the Black Friday Sale. She purchased a refrigerator, dishwasher, range, over the range microwave and a front loading washer and dryer. This was for a higher end rental and the old appliances were better than 10 years old and needed updating.

They told her the Home Depot Delivery Team would deliver them on December 22. They were delivered on the day as promised, but not by Home Depot, but by some losers from a company they subcontracted with. I met with them on the delivery date. The unit was now vacant.

All appliances were put in place. The problem arose when the idiots who did the deliver realized they forgot the plug for the dryer that was an additional purchase on that same invoice. They told me they would come back the following Wednesday with the plug. I explained this didn’t really work because we lived five hours away. I have come to learn that when they forget something that prevents the installation as promised they are to go back and get what they need. They could have driven 9 miles to get this plug, but no they expected me to drive five hours each way.

At any rate, on the evening of December 24 I stopped by the unit before driving back home (5 hours). I turned the water on because it was off, due to the fact it was winter and vacant. I was puttering around some and went down to the basement. To my shock and horror there was water pouring through the ceiling above. It was coming from the bathroom where the new washer and dryer was. I ran upstairs to see the entire floor covered in 1” of water.

I discovered the idiots from Spirit Delivery out of Hyannis, MA never turned off the water valve behind the washer/dryer nor did they bother to hook up the water hoses. They just plunked it down and I guess installed nothing because they didn’t have the plug. They did stack the units, which now made it a monster size appliance. Because the floor was flooded I was able to slide this monster appliance out enough to shut the valve off, which should have been the first thing the idiots from Spirit did. Before I shut the spewing water down, I saw the water was shooting directly inside the hole where the dryer venting goes.

After speaking to my electrician and other appliance people they told me not to accept this dryer, because even if it did work, it would definitely been problems down the road. Home Depot was contacted by my mother and told she wanted the unit replaced, they refused many times over. Instead they attempted to turn it over to the insurance company of the delivery company they hired. My mother was so upset because she couldn’t show the condo for rent, because she couldn’t be sure when it would be rentable due to the fiasco with the dryer. Keep in mind that the expenses kept accumulating for this condo, insurance, taxes, homeowner’s association dues. All of these expenses were about $1,000.00 per month and now no rental income. This unit always rented within a week of being listed as it was one of very few on a golf course in this development. Home Depot tortured her by not doing the right thing and the stress she endured was unbelievable.

In January Home Depot decided to do the right thing and said they would be replacing the unit. They finally did on January 19. Here’s the kicker she died later that day. Thanks Home Depot for treating my mother the way you did. Thanks for costing her over $4,000.00 in rental income and the travel costs endured while you played your games and thanks for costing me out of pocket expenses after she passed away so I could get this matter finally taken care of.

Review about: Home Depot Installation.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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FOR all the employee posting watch your BACKS!!!!!!!!!!!By Leon Stafford

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Three Home Depot employees have been arrested after being accused of stealing employee information, including social security numbers.

Authorities allege that applications for credit cards — using the identities of several of the Atlanta-based retailer’s employees — were taken out by former Home Depot workers Claudette Grimes, Lakisha Grimes and Paulette Shorter.

No customer information was stolen.

“No one hacked into our systems,” spokesman Stephen Holmes said. “No customer information was involved.” The thefts, which affected about 300 employees, happened in November and December, according to a complaint filed with the U.S.

District Court of Northern Georgia. Home Depot said police were quickly notified after the thefts were discovered and the accused employees were fired.

Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014


You Home Depot employees and/or managers are just so transparent. Why in God's name would you pay to store appliances you do not yet need.

The point of purchasing appliances in a sale is save money, not pay for storage - another dumb a*(. You make me laugh that you may actually believe your arguments. I doubt you are bright enough to own any properties, never mind out of state properties, which are generally no problem at all. I am sure many others have equally nightmarish stories about the big box home improvement stores, Home Depot as well as lows, they don't give a rat's behind about the customer and and have no conscious when it comes to how they do business.

Oh and brainiac whenever you disconnect a washer you turn that valve off, not knowing whether the water is turned off or not and you definitely do not leave without hooking up water hosed to a washing machine - ***.

What is wrong with these big box stores is employees such as yourself.

Have fun going no where at Home Depot. You obviously know nothing about property management.


This all gets to be a big deal because you drove in 5 hours. That's a problem of trying to manage property where you don't live.

Your claims of loss are greatly exaggerated. If it were so costly to have this unit sit empty she would have bough appliances somewhere that stocked them rather than waiting a month for delivery. I doubt they touched the water valves. If there were hoses there to start they may have turned the valves off but wouldn't have turned them on again until the units were connected.

You stated the water was turned off as the unit was vacant and it was winter. In this instance the water is usually shut off and the pipes are drained to prevent freezing. When this is done all the faucets in the house are opened to allow the water to drain properly. The *** in this instance is the person who turned the water on without knowing what he was doing.

Yes they should have had the plug. but for most people it wouldn't be such a big deal to come back on another day to finish the installation on a vacant property.

You make this story sound like it dragged on for months rather than a few weeks. Sorry your mother passed away but Home Depot didn't kill her.


Awww another *** from Home Depot commenting.

Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #779641

awww *sniff*


I left out the part when they didn't have the refrigerator that matched the suite she purchased and where going to replace it with another that would cost more. Nothing about this order was easy, but it would take pages to detail all the *** Home Depot pulled on my mother.

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