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One of my Orange Box (Home Depot) complaints is that Home Depot insists that they stock the shelves and close isles during regular hours causing extensive delays. Why don't they try stocking when the store closes so that the employees can actually help customers instead of disrupting them. There is nothing worse than dragging a heavy cart to the front of the store only to find just about every isle blocked or closed, then realizing you need to get into one of those isles for something and having to wait forever.

My wife and I call it Home Dipo because the people running it must be dips.

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I worked at Home Depot durring the change over to Daytime stocking, and I was not a fan of it. The company referes to it as Aprons on the floor.

They believe if they can hire twice as many part time workers as they had full time overnight workers, it would actually increase customer service. But as the complaint states, it makes it very difficult to navigate the store when its lined with 40-50 pallets and boxes and machines. The stockers would help customers but with the downside of the product not getting stocked and then having it left for the opening workers. The store was in a constant state of choas.

The managers would do lottle to help the situation, and just get angry. In my oppinion, Home Depot will not last with these types of tactics. The decision makers are now college grads with little to no actual real word work experience.

Depot needs to get back to the roots that made them the world class company they used to be. Read the book written by the founders Bernie and Arthur.


::We were able to show double digit sales across the board and even had record breaking sales in some departments.::

Double digit sales isn't very good. That's somewhere between $10.0 and $99.99. I certainly wouldn't brag about that.


A little brighter than the four watt you have flickering "heartless". You must have drank the cool-aid at the lower level staff meeting.

I operated a large retail outlet and successfully staffed a small stock crew off hours, thoroughly trained my staff in customer service and product education. We were able to show double digit sales across the board and even had record breaking sales in some departments. I also let my employees know that they are the key to our success and are appreciated. We also enjoy a very low employee turnover.

As far as "doing something right," it's called subsidizing.

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to explain that to you. I have some customer thank you letters to respond to.


You're not very bright. You lose money when you pay people to do stuff while the store is closed.

People need stuff to do during the day so that's one of the things they do to keep busy. No point in paying others to do it overnight. My store Menards is the same way.

Unofficially the 3rd largest home improvement store in the US. Both these stores must be doing something right :).

to Heartless Bethalto, Illinois, United States #844111

Yes you are right Heartless, popularity definitely means it is the best. That's why Transformers 4 is the best movie of all time and Justin Bieber is the greatest singer of all time, right? ***.

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