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On Aug. 24th I went to Home Depot to get supplies for a plumbing job, I was in the paint dept.

and waited 15 mins or more for an emploee to finish talking to another customer. It would not of been bad but they were not talking about anything that had to do with the store. So I said excuse me and the employee turned and VERY RUDLY SAID NO EXCUSE ME and kept on talking to the lady . I was very mad by then and said a few choice words and left to go to Lowe's accross the street.

I shop alot at home depot I am a plumber by trade and shop almost daily at home depot but if this type of service continues I will go to Lowe's instead. This is not the first time I have problems with employees at your store.

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Coulterville, California, United States #1269525

Yep this home depot is horrible. Delived incorrect lumber had to hire someone to take it back.

On second broken washing machine, been waiting 6 weeks for problem to be solved.

(Its someone elses dept. Everyone says that including store mgmt) spent overc14k last year..lowes here i come.


The nerve of some people not letting you interrupt them and butt your way in front of another customer. I'd be pissed too. NOBODY makes me wait my turn!


Next time go to the plumbing department. Better yet...

Go to the front and ask to have an employee assist you. Why would you stand in one spot waiting 15 or more minutes.

Simply does not make any since at all. The mere mentioning of Lowes proves why you posted your complaint.


I found your problem you were looking for Plumbing products in the paint department! I would have done the same thing to you.

You interrupted, not the other way around. You cannot simple start ignoring a customer you're already with for another.


That is awful! Great customer service is slowly dying... :sigh


Start dropping things on the floor. They will show up soon!

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