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Refrigerator scheduled for delivery on June 9th. Received an automated call confirming the delivery the day before for between the hours of 7AM & 11AM.

Received a call from delivery company on the 9th at 8:54 saying they would be arriving in 45 minutes....perfect...then nothing. At 11am I called the delivery company. They couldn't find the order at first and when they did find it they said that the refrigerator wasn't there and to call HD. On Monday June 11th I called the local HD that I purchased the refrigerator from.

I explained the situation and he called me back a little later and said the refrigerator was coming and I would hear from someone to schedule delivery within 2 days. It has now been 3 days without a call back to schedule the delivery.

So they didnt bother calling when the first scheduled delivery was missed and now nothing from them regarding a second attempt at proactive customer service...nothing. Hello Lowes or Costco.

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Before you run over to Lowes take some time reading delivery complaints about Lowes on Pissed consumer. You will see just as many complaints about Lowes deliveries as you do Home Depot.

A couple of suggestions. Try a local appliance store and if possible buy a refrigerator they have in stock.

Appliance manufactures aren't very good at notifying stores if an appliance will be backordered. The store only knows when it doesn't show up on their weekly delivery and even then won't know when out will get there for sure until it shows up.


Call HD and cancel the whole thing and get a refund if charged on a credit card. Then, wander over to Lowe's and buy from them, usually with free delivery.

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