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Website is a POS, smarten up marketing retards. I can cut and paste the item name from HD website and search it verbatim, and it still states no search results, even when you have it opened on another page.

PURE trash website. Oh the lag....snore. C'mon HD IT dept. Im a contractor,and no matter what terminology I search, it redirects me to a sorry no results,..the redirects again to the most expensive nearest item.

Clickbait bait and switch is what HD rebranded name should be. I too used to drive by Lowes for HD, not for a while-few tears to I opt for HOME DESPERATE. The stores suck, lesbian man haters with chips on their shoulders run the place. Sale prices are never right at the reg....not in the last 4 times I've been there.

The lumber they sell is garbage for top dollar,and the nitwits that store it, crush every piece to an unusable form, and the same with metal flashing. I've been a HD since the beginning,and as a contractor I used to spend thousands monthly. Now I cringe if I have buy screws there. Everyone that supposed to be WORKING, is screwing with their phone.

For every 5 retards working, maybe one knows anything about anything.....maybe?

Its like a glorified scratch and dent sore, with high prices. Nothing online is ever is stock locally, so they can soak you on delivery or shipping. Then they bring you trash wood or defective product, for top dollar. Then the games start on the return process.

Obviously i have zero good to say about HD, especially their website.Clearly they dont care about losing big business,due to a thickheaded marketing fool that is sabotaging the purpose of the website, for proper availability, and easier search vocabulary. Honestly, the site has always been bad, but it got worse ,and thousands of same complaints, keep falling upon DEAF white collared ears. Maybe get some people from the actually building material industry in the hot seat ,and straighten that damn place up,once and for all. Builders square was pre HD,...that was the very beginning of the bigbox in the northeast, then HD and Lowes.

Honestly, if Ace/True value sold lumber, Id never have to set foot in HD or lowes again. However Lowes is miles ahead of HD aka ( hours of disgust) in so many ways, .....coming from a 30 year contractor, and consumer. All they care about are impulse buying endcaps, and stating a sale price, and pulling a fast one at the register. I hate HD clickbait on the web searches.

it always brings you to HD, but never has stock. HD web searches are for data collecting hits only.

Smarten up HD, its time .

Now theres another 7 minutes of my life that I'll never get back.

I apologize to the grammar police correcting my rant. It needed to be said, too bad mentally inept tards are reviewing these for content :"

User's recommendation: Go elsewhere.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: West Warwick, Rhode Island

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