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So I finally used the gift card from Home Depot and I am a Veteran. So you should get 10 percent.

The store was closing and instead of show my VA card 1st I gave her (woman ringing me out) the gift card first and then I stated oh yeah I am a Vet to get my 10 percent. She goes I have already put in the gift card so I can do that now and if I redo everything now it will take 20 minutes and we are closing. So she told me to come back tomorrow to get my refund. So I come back to gey my refund and a few more things and now they are telling me I at the customer service desk that they will have to refund the whole order for me to get my ten percent.

I should have done it but ny then I was over the whole thing. Long story short. Don't get their home protection plan and beware of their gift cards! They have the best customer service, but everything else about them is the pits!

I just shop there for the customer service. If that start to change I will take my business somewhere else!

Oh by the way, the 10 percent was worth it. I purchased almost 300 dollars in merchandise!

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Customer Care.

Location: Smyrna, Georgia

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Sounds like you are a pain in the *** customer. Waiting till closing time to hit the register and then asking for a discount after the payment is being processed.

Of course they are going to have to ring the entire transaction again and the only way to get your money back from the first one is to refund it. Don't blame them that you didn't mention your discount and that yo feel the need to check out at closing time.

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