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I purchased a $700 Maytag washing machine with an extended warranty in November 2010. Today I spent 55 minutes trying to schedule a service call. Here is the summary:

11:22am - 20 minutes speaking to and trying to understand an off shore service rep only to be told to call another number with a reference #

11:42 - 7 minutes on hold and hung up to try the website. Tried the website and for the third time provided the model and serial number info only to be advised that no service was available in my area; Called another number listed on the website and was placed on hold again. Hung up after 5 minutes and called the store and got bounced around again. Called the website number again and after 7 minutes or so scheduled a service call with a window of four hours.

12:50 pm - So... I wasted my lunch plus some and now need to sit at home for four hours.

Horrendous service! Will never buy from Home Depot again!!!!

PS The least you could do is buy me lunch.

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Hi my name is Kyle and I am a representative of Maytag. I am sorry to learn of the issue you are having with your Whirlpool appliance.

If there is anything that I can do please reach out to me via Facebook (Maytag) or Twitter (MaytagCare). Or contact us directly via e-mail NAR_Customer_Solutions@Whirlpool.com.

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