I purchased a washer on sale HD and was told they would have it Dec 2 but I was not available could they deliver on Dec 5. I was told I would get a call days before delivery to confirm delivery time on the 5th.

I called to confirm that it was still coming on the 2nd and was told yes but the delivery company will call about times. The 4th late afternoon called HD as I had not heard about the delivery, they confirmed that it was coming. But strange the delivery company didn't call yet, they will call you later. 7pm called HD and was told not to worry they will call 30 min before they show up but the washer will be delivered the 5.

Called HD to see if I could get a time of delivery as I still had no 4 hr time slot. After the run around and talking to 4 different people, turned put no washer was coming. After talking to 3 more people the story just kept changing and ended with the paper work was on the Turk but not the washer. No washer will be delivered.

After many other frustrating calls to try and find out when it would be coming they said it would come the next Thursday, then within the hour changed to Friday morning and then Friday afternoon but the delivery company would call me and let me know the 4hr window. A few days later with more confusion and different stories I was told I would be up graded to a newer model and it would be delivered Friday. Thursday came and no word of the 4 hr window. Called HD and they couldn't even tell me if a washer was coming Friday or not but the paper work said I was up graded to a newer model.

Friday morning more confussion and time window of delivery changed twice. At the end of the window I had a call saying the delivery people would be there in 5 10 minutes. The delivery people where ok but not very chatty. The model they dropped off was not a newer model and HD will not talk to me about the matter at all.

All the people I dealt with on the matter really didn't care about the problems in the delivery system and pretty much just lied to get rid of me even when I called them on the lie they just stated they didn't care none of it is their problem nor their responsibility. Save your self and pay extra from any other company then HD you will thank you self.

Sears had no problem delivering my dryer and lowes no problem with the dishwasher. In the end the washer I was sold by HD was entered wrong so I don't even have the washer I wanted

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $275.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Time wastersliars what people, Unwilling to fix problems, Think customers are jokes, Not as advertised, Customer service, Delivery a nightmare.

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