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We purchased our washer on 3-1-12 and it broke down on 5-12-14 - refusing to spin. The info in our packet was worthless.

My son is an electrician for robots for an international company. He removed the back from the machine and, to our surprise, there were the instructions to work on it. After carefully following the instructions, it indicated we needed a new main board, which was purchased and installed - did not work wrong instructions). After checking Google, it turned out to be the spin module.

For the past 45 years we have purchased various washers with NO repair problems. We purchased this Maytag because of decades of commercial dependability-shame on you.

This cost us over $210 for parts (labor by son) for what we thought was a quality washer. I think you owe a lot of people a lot of money and should start shelling it out before you tell anyone else what fantastic products you manufacture.

Monetary Loss: $210.

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Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #818543

while i feel for your loss of the machine use how in the world is home depot to blame for this? they may have sold you the item but 2 years later when it broke IF and that's a BIG IF there was still a warranty period covering it you were required to contact the manufacturer NOT have your son open it up on his own thus negating your warranty.

anyone with 1/2 a brain cell knows you do NOT perform work on a machine that you know to be under warranty no matter who/what/where the person doing the work is/knows/trained to do.

i can vouch for this because i work retail and i've had to give customers the bad news that what they've done to their machines is not going to be covered under warranty and that they basically have screwed themselves out of any recourse by working on said item which since they're not authorized repair techs by the manufacturer that negates any warranty claim they might file.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #817124

Your son clearly is not qualified. There are no repair instructions inside a washing machine. A schematic diagram is included which he probably interpreted incorrectly.

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