We purchased all new windows for our home. The windows are great but we were sold a warranty we are not able to collect on.

The windows and screens are to be replaced if any anything happens. We have had numerous calls and two trips into the Home Depot to get a screen replaced. This has been going on since early November.

Something so simple to fix and no one wants to assist us.

They want to keep handing it off to everyone else.

The store employees are completely unable to assist. They even tried to set up an appointment for the salesman to come....frustrating...

Review about: Home Depot Warranty.

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I think this may be a case of someone expecting more out of a warranty than it offers. There is no mention of why the screen need to be replaced.

You will be hard pressed to find a warranty that would cover a child or a pet damaging the screen. Most warranties cover defects in the product, not damage.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #756861

Now you understand why it is never a good idea to buy any of these "extended" warranties, etc. They are but as money-maker for those selling them.

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