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Update by user Aug 30, 2021

The mfg. of the lawnmower is "TORO" located in Mn.

The customer service team is pleasant to speak with but completely incompetent. The team members; both Brandon and Alice are decent sounding people but they are trained company mouthpieces who don't have a clue in regards to resolving anything beyond their choice for lunch; and probably have to get a second opinion on what a salad is !

Original review posted by user Aug 30, 2021

Purchased a high end lawnmower with electric start and self propelled features. The mower is 1.5 years old and covered by a 3 year warranty; as noted on the point of sale display.

When contacted, the Customer Service Dept. excused

themselves from the contract by referring the issue to the manufacturer who, promptly started the runaround and excuse game. After waiting for a call from a mystery service company, no amount of reasoning with Home Depot could convince them of the fact; my lawn is still growing taller regardless of the excuses while the lawnmower sits idly by without any type of repair or replace service either showing up or planned in the future. Home Depot has now built themselves into a corner with a breach of contract and fraud situation; and, from reading the similar circumstances on the internet it seems as if this is their game plan all along.

The plan being, "take the money, avoid any responsibility and postpone until the customer goes away; there's more suckers out there than can be counted."

Buyer Beware, They fly the Veteran Flag but screw Veteran's in the same barrel with everyone else.

What a disgrace this company is to us Veterans. BUY themsel

User's recommendation: Buyer Beware.

Monetary Loss: $395.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Home Depot Pros: Easy pickup, Convenient location.

Home Depot Cons: Non existent warranty.

Location: 2000 Harrell Private Road, Kingsport, TN 37660

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The retail store is not responsible for the warranty, the manufacturer is. Pull out your warranty and read it carefully.

It will say nothing about Home Depot having any responsibility for the warranty.

It will give clear instructions on how to obtain warranty service through Toro. If you are having problems obtaining service your complaint is with Toro, not Home Depot.


The retail store IS responsible for the warranty; as there is NO mention of a third party involvement on the point of sale display. The retail store IS responsible for the warranty; as a Strict Warranty of Liability exists due to the fact of a warranty card not being displayed nor handed to the customer Prior to a sales transaction nor discussed during any portion of the sale prior to a purchase.

The retail store IS responsible for the warranty; under the Warranty of Merchantability Liability; as no person would reasonably expect a failure in a short period. The retail store IS responsible for the warranty AND Toro And Briggs And Straton ; all having an equal share of the proceeds and profits in the product.

This is first year Law School ; whereby Any or All are liable as each has a involvement, and none can wash their hands of liability as much as Home Depot wants to brush off the consumer, their acts also include a Breach of Contract . Do everyone a favor and quit preaching inaccurate and misleading information.


I guess the way to find out if you are correct is to go to court and see what a judge says. Merchantability liability would refer to an expectation that the merchandise being sold is in good working order at the time of sale.

It worked for 1-1/2 years and now has a problem.

That is what the manufacturer has a warranty to cover. Good luck purchasing a mower at any other retail store and getting a different response.


whomever posted the one review about Home Depot being strictly liable for the product is spot on. whomever posted the one review about Home Depot being able to skip out on the warranty surrounding a lawnmower is misleading the public and full of inaccuracy; most likely a Home Depot dunce.

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