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went into Home depot to purchase a safe for my father in law. I grabbed a cart and proceed to grab the safe by the straps and put it on the cart.

I bring the safe up to the cashier to pay for the item. The cashier comes over without saying a word and proceeds to break open the box. I asked what was she doing and that it was a gift and needed the box in tact. She proceeds to cut open the box and says that she is just making sure everything was in the box.

I replied with the box is sealed shut why wouldn't it be and that I needed the straps since the safe is quite large and heavy to carry. My statements went unheard and I hurt by back trying to lift the heavy box without the straps.

Review about: Home Depot Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Customer service, Unwilling to fix problems, Cashier, Policy, Rudeness.

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West Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States #918180

as someone who works retail I can tell you this is common. it's because unfortunately many people take boxes like that open them and stuff them with other items then put the straps on to make it appear sealed in order to try and get away with lots more $$$ of stuff then they're paying for. this is common in this type of product as well as any type of vanity and many other big box that is easily opened and resealed.

in the end it's to protect the store from theft and you from paying even higher prices since theft causes prices to rise in the end since it's unpaid for product that needs replacing thus passing the costs down to you the consumer.


I'm not excusing what she did but for your won safety DON'T carry a box like that by the straps. They are just there to hold the box shut.

It is not uncommon for them to break if used for carrying the box and you can be hurt worse by the falling box than you can buy trying to lift the box alone. Get help moving large items.

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