we also bought a Ariens mower from Home Depot with the free blades for life and we received them one time and when we tried to get the next blades they refused to honor it. I have all my paper work including the advertisement that states free blades for life.

I think something needs to be done about this because it was false advertisement. Home Depot should make it right with any customer who purchased a mower under these terms. We have tried to find new blades and no one in our area carries them.

We all need help, please. Help!

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Just like warranties it is through the manufacture not the retail store. Home Depot probably gave you the first set for customer sat, It was up to you to fill out the warranty card with the manufacture in order to get them for life. People need to remember that these deals are not the retails deals they sell the item but its the company that produces the product that is responsible for the warranty or life time deal.


I find this very unlikely that Home Depot would ever honor such a deal. If anyone has to honor it would be Ariens themselves.

Home Depot would never run such a deal it would be far to complicated for them to fulfill. I'm sure they suggested you try contacting Ariens but you neglected to acknowledge that or accept it.

Far to often people like you think it's the retail stores responsibility when it really is all on the manufacture. It's also possible you miss understood the deal.

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