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When I was paying, I was asked if I like a bag? However, was not tolled that you will charge me 0.05 for it.

It is your responcibility to inform a Customer! When I phoned the store, I was tolled that the money is not kept by Home Depot, apparently will be donated to charity. So what I see, is you get the money from your customers, don't inform them about it and then donate the money (if you do) to charity - in Your Name! It is as frodulent & missleading as it can be!!!

Why is it, that Home Depot took upon it's sellf to do with my money as they please and not informing me, your customer?

Pavel Hahn

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OMG. I dealt with people like you many times in the past.

You're probably a Doctor or a Lawyer that makes tons of money and probably own a huge house worth thousands of dollars. I agree with Freddy Krugger. Wahhhhhhh!

Shut your mouth! By the way, there is a free spell check online.


:cry Get a life.WAhhhh they stole 5 cents and donated it to charity. Get a life. 5 cents is worth the 15 minutes you took to write this post then your whole entire life is worth no more than $113,880.


The word is "TOLD" not tolled.... Please learn to spell. No, I am not an HD employee...

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