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it seems as though we have been customers of this store loving it forever,and regular at that, but I now understand The discounts for Miltary/Veteran,is still 10%,how long has it been since it was raised? A whole lot of people I have spoke to seem to say the same it does need raising 20% or more,Just remember it is a even better way to say Thank you so much for your services! we are all suppose to love each other,as we want to be loved,God does command it,there is no other way,Lets raise it,and quickly,just the right thing to do.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Adequate, Location of store, Friendly staff, Product selection.

I didn't like: Aggretion.

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I am a vet, my brother is a vet and our Dad fought in the 'Battle of the Bulge' in World War II.

None of us expect any free stuff or discounts of any sort. Demanding free stuff is degrading to the rest of us. That's not why we went into the service.

You're embarrassing.


As a fellow get you make me want to *** puke right now, HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!

A 10 - 20 percent discount is NOT why we did what we did, and if it's your reason for serving then you did it for the wrong reason.

I'm proud to just have someone thank me, I don't use the discount unless it is offered.......ANYWHERE.


I thought the vets complaining about not getting a discount were bad. Now you start complaining that 10% isn't enough. Sounds like someone that would rather depend on corporate welfare rather than being a proud American who earns a living to support themselves.


Why do Vets need to have a discount from any store? They have served their time and are no longer on active duty.

I can see active duty military deserving a discount, but the Vets don't deserve one any more than law officers, fire fighters, EMTs, etc. deserve one. When you join the military you know what you are signing up for, and why do you need a higher discount. Most retail store employees only get a 10% discount.

Honestly, it is time for you Vets to get off your "pity pot" and grow up. Actually Vets can still go to the nearest military base and shop there and get items cheaper, so why don't you do that.

I know Vets that do that once a month to stock up and they end up driving 300-600 miles to do that, so they must receive a pretty good discount to make it pay.

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