Recently I went to Home Depot in Topeka, Kansas. After selecting items for purchase and proceeding to check out, I presented my Veteran Identification/Registration anticipating the same 10% discount I received and prior visits and always receive from Lowe's and Sutherlands Lumber.

I was informed that management had determined they were only going to give the discount if you were a disabled veteran. I replied that I was smart enough to duck the bullets and had handled the PTSD issues without being declared by government to be disabled.

Don't think I will return to Home Depot and encourage others who support their Veterans to go to Lowe's or Sutherlands. Really pissed me off at time and have waited a week before I posted.

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I am a vetran of the Vietnam era I am not disabled I was told you no longer give discounts to vets Lows gives discounts everyday to vetrans. Lows has my business now


Home Depot will honor all Disabled Veterans and active duty but if you fought for your country and we're not injured or have yet to receive your disability from the V.A. (they are horrible about this), you will not receive a discount.This is discrimination.We should file a class action lawsuit against Hone Depot.

to Fred #1456238

Perhaps Home Depot should stop ALL discounts to veterans.


Ok for sometime now home depot would give me my discount for veterans but since my state az offers a veterans stamp on your dl by proving I was HONORABLE discharge DD 214 did my time serving this awesome country and just like most vets got s**t on by the citizens of the USA kinda crazy either give to all vets or none

And thanks to the HD cashiers that do accept the state issued id

To home depot find a better way to honor all vets


I had the same experience today at the home depot in Benton harbor mi. Just found out they offered that military discount a month ago, and after the 3rd time i shopped there i was informed it didn't meet their qualification's of a veteran.

guess i forgot my wheel chair.

Being i feel that i was discriminated against for serving my country and NOT getting maimed or mangled to protect the freedoms we enjoy today including there even being a home depot, my future business will go to a company who either honors ALL veterans , or none at all. They just permanently lost a customer.


Thank you for your service to our country. My husband is a Persian Gulf War veteran.

Our Downingtown HD used to give the 10% discount all year to any vertean, as long as he/she was honorably discharged.

Last year, they changes that. Now, only retired and actively-serving military personnel are eligible. Hubby served in the Army, then the Marine Corps for 9 years total, and fought in a war. However, he is no longer serving (honorable discharge), nor retired.

Am I to take it that his service doesn't count? They always did this before; why the change? I consider it an insult to those men and women who served their country.

Sure, the 10% discount was very nice, and beleive me, we used it for big purchases, but the loss of the discount is not what really annoys me--it's the disregard for military service that does. Shame on Home Depot.

william 62

Don't think you are going to Lowes's and recieve 10% as well unless you are disabled or retired military. just went through this with them, dd214 and photo valid liscense was accepted, then some *** said no, not good enough...got to get a veterans agency id, which i did from our county agency, nope now looking for a green card...what the ***,,,,didn't know we were illegals if born in the good ole' usa and did our military duty to our country....guess i will find a new place to shop, maybe the local hardware store, gladly refinance my house and pay more....screww you Lowes and Home depot. don't want to support your veteran's, well we won't support you!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't email Sheronda. I Just tried.

Her mail is non existent, my email was rejected. :(

I doubt she was ever a HD employee.


Hi my name is Sheronda and I am with Home Depot Customer Care. Actually, the discount is available to all veterans on the major patriotic holidays. The everyday discount is available to those who are currently serving and retired and disabled. We have a broad approach to honoring veterans while we also work to support vets in need through initiatives that go beyond a discount for individuals. For example, we launched a $30 million initiative last year to assist veterans and veterans support groups who are faced with serious housing needs. If you would like to discuss further, please email me at sheronda_care@homedepot.com. Thank you.


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