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Dear Home Depot. Shopping in a hardware store is usually a pleasent experiance but shopping at Home Depot is nothing short of a living nightmare.

A few months age we ordered a red in color washer, dryer and matching pedestals for approximately $2300.00. It took three separate trips from our home and back to the Home Depot to get the sales person,Cynthia, to come up with the final sales amount. It took her no less then 10 separate calculations to come to a final sale figure.Unbelievably incompetent sales person. She kept insisting that I pay $29.00 a month.

After she repeated it many times to me I had to let her know in no uncertain terms that I don't pay $29.00 a month for anything, I pay $569.15 a month. She finally understood me and said no more about it. From the moment of making out the sales contract by a salesman named Carl to the delivery of the washing machine and the dryer was an extremely unpleasant experience to say the least. Carl should be assigned to cleaning the bathrooms as that may be his only qualification .

On 24 June 2013,we again went to Home Depot to compare prices for a 42 inch replacement stove vent hood in the $400.00-$500.00 range. Five sales people and thirty minutes later no one could locate any books, literature or prices that should have been readily available to all sales people pertaining to the vent hood that we were looking for. One sales women walked away from us without a word and sat at another computor looking for a vent hood. After we walked the store looking her we were told that she could not find anything.

She then asked another person and still no results. No less then five sales people searched the computors and file cabinets for vent hood information with no luck. We then informed them that we will make the purchase at Lowe's hardware where we then spent $837.00 on a 42 inch vent hood and other merchandise. Any future purchase at Home Depot will now be considered in the last resort, desperate measure, no where else available category.

My account # is 6035 3203 7446 3899. Leo Smith. 3201 Highland Ave.

Abilene Tx. 79605.

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I stopped reading after you called Home Depot a hardware store. This is the biggest misconception of places like Home Depot, Lowes and Menards.

These stores are not hardware stores, they are Home Improvement stores. They have more in common with Walmart than a hardware store. Hardware stores are locally owned, often very small buildings, very limited stock very expensive prices and sometimes do repair work.

The largest most known hardware store is Ace hardware which is a franchise and still normally locally owned. Ace "the helpful place" has insane prices, no brand selection at all and is a very small building.

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