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Since i start work in this employer the home depot i always complain to my managers about my missing hours and when i start complaining one of my managers sometimes shes complaining me that i think its not good time to speak on the front of other people that im was feeling embarassing and its just simple mistake like im just using a shopping cart to make more fast work for me and im seeing that all my co-workers are doing the way even that day i saw her that she is using the same way and im the only one that she always speaking with me that i think its not fair or discrimination for me alsways on the front of my co worker and different people. After a couple week she tell me that if im available to get a drugscreening to get fulltime employee and i said yes anytime im willing to get a drugscreening and after that on that day that im supose to be off ill go to the office also my 3 co-worker to get a drugscreening then on the next day when im home with my family, sister and brother in law are visiting to my house for family week end reunion and i dont even know even my family that my brother in law got tested from his employer in amazon that day july 17 2020 he recieve a call from his doc that he got positive in covid so that means all my family even his wife my sister need to get a self quarantine because every body in my house that day has a contact or close with my brother in law that got positive in covid and ofcourse where not using any ppe inside the house because everyone expecting was safe and no body think one of my family member has a covid because we are feeling normal and no symptoms even my in law.

On that day i call right away to my employer and i speak with William one of store manager and i tell everything to him and he tell me that i need to stay at home and get 14 days self quarantine also call to HR on the next day and its monday because the day i called was sunday no HR so i callef in the following day and i speak with vanessa Hr mngr and i tell her the same story about my health or happen to me and my family and she tell me if i goin to get test and i said no and im scared except my sister because she is the more expose to my in law who got positive.

And vanessa said its ok just to keep update her if i feel any symptoms for covid and the 4th day i call her back and i tell her that im feel good im think im ok but my sister she dont recieve the result yet and vanessa said that i need to finished my 14 days quarantine and its on company policy about covid and i ask her if im getting paid and she said yes and im using my sick leave that means im expecting im still get paid. On july 27th i call back them and i speak with jonathan one of second shift manager and i tell him if im good to back to work and he ask me if i got result already or my sister and i said not yet and he said no i have to wait the result before came to work and the next day my sister got result and its negative so i call them again in hr they said im good to go back to work and in start at work at aug 1 fri and payday and they welcome me but i dont get paid for my sick leave and it said to my workfore that im was no show during my 14 days quarantine and i tell to my manager debie and she said she gonna fixed it and she changed it that day from no show to health check but im still not getting paid i tell to my manager again debie and she said she gonna fixed again next day when i came to work when i clock in my id number is not working and i show that im inactive into the bonding clock and i tell to my manager jason because debie is not go to work that day so jason is incharge and i tell to another manger sheryll that my id is not work and it said im in active and they said just to right down my start work meal break and end of work and give it to them And also they gonna fixed it and everytime i go home their is diffent manager and its from different shift so i just go home and i thingking just to give them when i came back on the next day and on the 3rd day when i came to work and clock in again its same doesnt work and still in active and jason the manger was behind me and he saw that im was in active and he said just write all my time and give to debie when she came to work and i did that until august 5th and next day im was off and on august 7th that supose to me my first day of work i check my workforce and time everything show that no punches even my sick leave still unpaid and i recive a call from hr vanessa she just sain i got failed for drug screen and she start processing my check and i got shock for that happen because i know that im clean and when i say something she just hangup the phone and i try to call her back no body answer my call and i leave a message to call me back to no body call me i always try to call them but they not answer my call untill i speak with the employee complaint reprisentatice in home depot and they advise me to send a message to head manager charles brown and tell everything happend when i tell everything he just saying just send my missing hours and unpaid sickleave when i send it i ask him for update he not response and i recieve a check via ups and its only $166 and only 12 hours also the rest of my last week of work they dont pay me only 12hours and after all no body answering my call.

Location: Perris, California

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