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On Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 about 8:07 pm I went to the Home Depot (HD) at 1032 Research Center Dr. Atlanta, GA 30331 to rent a floor sander, I also purchased several other items to include 10 gallons of polyurethane for my team and I to work on the project that night.

When I went to pay for the equipment, the gentlemen at the tool rental ask for my phone number which I provided, shortly thereafter he informed me that my account was flagged and I could not rent from HD until it is cleared up, and the reason for the flag was a ladder I from HD and did not return it. Naturally, I was surprised and inquired as to when and where such rental took place. He informed me that the rental took place at store 0114 (Mt. Zion RD) Contract # 218358 on 8/14/14.

I said that is impossible as I was not in the U.S. at that time and that location is over 50 miles from my resident. Furthermore, I was deployed with the U.S. military in Afghanistan during the time in question and can prove it.

I ask to speak with the manager, after waiting a few minutes, an assistant manager (Mr. Warren Spillers) came to assist me, I explained to him what’s going on and I handed him my DL and Military ID to compare the signature and contact information on the rental agreement. He said that “once the system flags me there is nothing he can do and it’s like when your driver’s license is suspended. You have to see the judge and pay the fine before it can be reinstated”.

He said it as if I was a criminal and HD was the judge. I found the analogy he used very peculiar but after going through the entire ordeal I understand why he chose such comparison. I asked him again to look at the system and please confirm that the information in the system is as on my DL. He looked and said yes and the only people that can help me is customer service and gave me their number (404-361-5634).

I told him that the information in the system is incorrect and it’s impossible that this rental is against my name as I did not rent the ladder and reiterated once again that I was not even in the country at the time in question. He mentioned that this is a customer service matter and proceeded to walk away. I called customer service at that moment and was not able to speak with anyone. During my contact with Mr.

Spillers, his professionalism was less than desirable. I find that he had a “can't-do” attitude and treated me as if I had stolen something from his store. There were no respect or dignity towards me and made me felt as if I had done something wrong. I didn’t remember receiving worse service from a professional in the service industry.

He handed me back my ID’s and he said loudly as he started walking away: “let me go back and do what I should be doing”. I was very irate at that moment with his comment but I did not show it or said anything else to him. As he walked away…I said to myself Mother F$%@!#, you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, assisting a customer. Naturally, he did not see me as a customer as his previous actions suggested.

I left the store with the rest of my purchase after about 2 hours and proceeded to call HD the next morning. After about 134 minutes on the phone with HD and transferred to 4 different departments, I was finally given a number to contact Direct Credit (866-875-5488) where I was told that this is not an issue that is handled by that department and I can only be help if I had a delinquent HD credit card. I mentioned to the person on the phone that I have been calling HD for over 2 hours to resolve this issue and he told me I have to speak with the store in question to solve this problem. I asked him to transfer me to the Mt.

Zion store and was transferred to the Jonesborough store. A lovely lady at the Jonesborough store transferred me to the Mt. Zion store and gave me the number to the store in case I got disconnected. Once connected to the store, I spoke with Ms.

Victoria at the service desk. I explained to her the issue and offered to pay the bill. Given the fact that my work was stopped and my workers were being paid and not working, I had to choose the lesser of two evils and thus offered to pay the bill which does not belong to me by phone. She informed me that I could not pay the bill over the phone and I had to come to the store and do it in person.

Naturally, I was very frustrated as the store was not close to my work site and having to go to the store would consume more of my precious time and costing me more money. I ask Ms. Victoria to have a copy of the original contract for my review upon my arrival to the store as to prove to the management of HD that I’m innocent. When I arrived at the store, Ms.

Victoria informed me that there were no records available for me to review due to the age of the debt and once I pay the debt the computer should generate a document/proof of payment for me. Let me repeated…yes, I was told I had to pay the debt before I can see any paperwork as to the proof that this debt belongs to me. Given the fact that I needed a sander and the tarnished of my name and reputation, I wanted to do whatever was necessary to prove my innocence and clear my name even if I was being bullied by HD and its employees to pay a debt that does not belong to me. Additionally, they could not show proof that it was my debt.

As with Mr. Spillers the night before, everyone assumes I am guilty and they did not have to shore proof of my guilt. I gave Ms. Victoria my credit card and was asked to say yes to several prompts during the processing stating that I agree to pay the amount and that the amount is true and correct.

Naturally, I look at her with disbelief but given that HD held all the cards at that moment and I was being treated as a criminal and second-class citizen with no rights, I said yes. After about 55 seconds the system provided a receipt with the information as it pertains to the owner of the debt. Per the information on the receipt, the name on the debt was not my name, the address was not my address and the DL number was not my number. As I stated from the beginning, the debt does not belong to me.

The only item connecting me to this debt was my phone number. To say I was angry is an understatement. The gentlemen manning the tool center at the time (I do not remember his name) showed a little empathy when he realized I was victimized by HD and said I should not have paid the depth if it did not belong to me and I should have spoken with him directly; yes, the same debt that I had to pay before receiving an proof... I paid for the sander which I was finally able to rent.

This ordeal cost me about 2 days of lost productivity, frustration, treated as a second-class citizen and a criminal by HD and employees, the tarnished of my good name and reputation. At the end, I was bullied by HD and its employees to pay a bill of $221.40 that does not belong to me.

At the moment I would like to take legal action against HD and if anyone knows an attorney that would take my case please contact me.

Review about: Home Depot Sander Tool Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Take them to small claims court. You don't need a lawyer to do that.


So why did you continue to do business with them? After they pulled that crap i would NEVER give them any more of my business.

And i think it would be a good idea to contact your state Attorney General's office and file a complaint. Although in all honesty until you can prove to Home depot without any doubt that you were out of the country there really isn't much you can do.

If you can access your orders to go overseas it would be a big help if you get an attorney. Until you can do that i don't think there is much you can do.

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