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In 2007 I asked them to take my drug addict relative and her BF off my card. Twice they let him/her use the account another city.

But, on Oct6, 2009 they drafted full payment of the charges from my bank account with my permission to get it over with. It was a bank draft initiated from them. The money is gone from my bank, my bank (Chase)has even furnished me the account number of Citibank account that it went to. Still over 100 calls from Home Depot Citibank...reported to credit agencies, my credit dropped, other credit issuer lowered my credit balances as a result, denied credit from Gymberee kids clothing store and now (after 100 calls already)thay have a Credit Agency making nasty calls to me.

They say the payment was cancelled 2 days after they took the money from my account...By who? They already had the money. Have not responded to corresponence. I have 100k cash in Citibank and other Citibank cards with over 60k credit limits.

I charge about 10k a month and pay it off in full each month to Chase. I own my home. I have a 12k car loan for my daughter...thats it!!!!!

I'm a lawyer of 33 years licensed in 3 states. if they can do this to better run.

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This just doesn't seem right. Was this ever resolved?

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