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I went to home depot to have a entry and a 5x5 half bath tiled. order everything that part was great.

Then home depot call and said Erskine was the contractor and they would install the flooring. Day of install two guys came both brought tools in then found out that the cement board was too high to put in the half bathroom so I let them know that we need to change it to 1/4 cement board so the guy said we can come back tomorrow. I let him know I'm okay with that. They demo the entry and bath room and started to put the hardy board down so they cut the hardy board in the house then realized I was looking at them then went out side and they were using a needle nose to break the cut so I handed then a flat nose pliers so they could break it straight.

Then he used dry wall screws to install the board. After that they mixed the cement on the outside stair case. Just to let you know I had hardwood hickory installed on my main floor. So the day before I put down paper to protect the floors from being damage.

Good thing because when I came in my living room they had the tile cutter on the floor with a cloth tarp under it snap it and shards were going every where. Then he set the tile down and as he went he worked away from the front door so he had to set the tile from the stair case.

Then he used a putty knife to scrape a channel so he could put grout in and if it didn't cover the cement he used his fingers to take from areas with too much and put so it would cover. Then I get a call from project person saying that they can't come back the next day because the guy need to do carpeting and I don't think this Job was worth the money I Paid oh and Saturday is the earliest the same guy can come out to finish I said can any one else she said well it might be longer wait......

Now I'm retire Navy and also work for Home depot and was a supervisor for several departments just to let you know this company cares little about what they are dealing.

User's recommendation: if you go to HD make sure you have corporate phone number!!!!!

Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota

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