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Just shameful from front to back.

The order was ok and on time, Home Depot was even great in the kitchen design. But shame on them for recommending Thomasville.

These cabinets are low quality and the paint chips off at a whiff of wind. In addition the hinges are now failing regularly and getting someone over here has been impossible.

Not sure where to go with this company and that has been the worst part. I am not sure what my options are either with them.

I am waiting for their rep yet again to come over and have a look but it is obvious that ths is just low quality *** and fighting customer service is going to get me another low quality facing for these things.

Very Expensive Mistake with Thomasville!!!!

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Kent, England, United Kingdom #54375

I've been told by professional trades people that alot of stuff Home Depot sells is of lower grade quality . Alot of manufacturers probably cut corners to sell to Home Depot in the quantity they do .

I would push Thomasville and Home Depot . This is how Home Depot knocked out alot of the mom and pop hardware and building supply stores who tended to sell more professional grade stuff . In order to under cut their prices they had present themselves as selling quality cheaper .

But Home Depot is not cheap anymore . The quality hasn't caught up to their prices in many cases .

Good Luck


I too purchased Thomasville cabinets. THEY ARE ***....

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Home Depot has been fine

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