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On or around September 2 , 2022, I went to the Home Depot on Lima Rd in Fort Wayne, Indiana to make a return on 11 boxes of Prego hardwood flooring that I had purchased a few months prior. I hauled all the boxes in the store and then Gabrielle, whom was working customer service that shift , started on the return.

He was having difficulties processing the return and as the line grew long behind me o told him to go ahead and help the other customers in line and Ill come back in a few minutes . After around 30 min of browsing the store j went back to customer service and Gabrielle started working on my return again . He told me he wasnt sure why it wouldnt process, probably a glitch in the software . He told me to go ahead and leave all my boxes of flooring there and he would make a case for me to return .

He wrote down my phone number on a piece of paper, told me to call the store on Tuesday for an answer, then looked me in the eye and said dont worry, I got this , Im on top of it. I called the following Tuesday and an irritated sounding Gabrielle said , he hasnt heard anything Back yet on the return, assured me once again hes on top of it and told me to wait for his call. He hasnt called me back and its been well over a month. Called online customer service and told them what was happening.

They didnt see any record of a case being made but started a new one which meant even more time waiting. They said the Lima road managers typically respond back within a few hours. Never heard from the manager either so I had to call online customer service again to ask about the case. The response from the manager was she needs to talk to Gabrielle

Why would I talk to

Gabrielle , whom hasnt called me back as promised even just once.

It is very clear that Home Depot could care less and has no issue with the fact that they stole almost a dozen boxes cf flooring from me.

Breaks my heart because it was my favorite home repair store, and as a single, female, first time home buyer I really valued their expertise .

I was loyal to them but they dont care about a small customer like me . They allowed me to be ripped off inside their own store without a care in the world.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Home Depot Cons: Customer service is a joke.

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You neglected to say if you had the receipt to prove you actually paid for the flooring.

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