After receiving a "Daily Special" email from HD, I ordered the DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed Vacuum on 12/18/2020. The date of delivery was changed a couple of times (initially, the product was scheduled to arrive 12/28, then 12/31), but delivery should have been received by now, according to HD representative Charles, who I spoke with on 1/6/2021.

(In addition to Charles, I spoke with CS representatives: Britney, Michelle, and Tiffany. Apparently, the only thing anyone could do was blow smoke as NO ACTION to resolve the issue was taken.) Charles said We have no way of contacting the warehouse, but received a message that they are backed up, so you will receive your item within 10-working days from the date you should have received it. Ok, that would be Friday, January 15; however, the item remains outstanding. A couple of CSRs wanted me to cancel and re-order.

What? How can I or YOU be sure the same thing won't happen again? Why can't you just verify, which you can, that the item was paid for and just send it to me? The fact that no CSR can is a bit suspicious to me.

This sounds like a scam.

Years ago, the Insurance Industry avoided paying large amounts to other companies because they could make a lot of money investing large sums of money on a daily basis. Is this what's happening? Products being purchased, but not delivered and those sales eventually being cancelled and original funds being returned. I should think this type of activity would be illegal, right up there with Bate and Switch.

Is this why I need to cancel the original order and re-order? If so, think of how much money ANY large corporation could make on unsuspecting consumers by just NOT filling orders.

Plus, this morning, when I asked the HD CSR (Jessica @ 770-433-****) to give me the address and contact person at HD Corporate Office so that I could write a letter to pose the question I've been asking various CSR's, but no one seems able to answer why I have to cancel and re-purchase an item, that was never sent, before it can be sent. The address and contact given was Frances Blake, Chairman and CEO, Home Depot Corporate Office, 2455 Paces Ferry RD NW (not SE, as reflected online) Atlanta GA 30339. In addition, the "contact phone number was given as (770) 433-****, which is the same number I called to reach her.

What's going on here?

After I was unsuccessful when trying to contact Frances Blake, since I got VM (surprise) and left a message, I called again and talked with CSR, Taneil who, apparently, believes consumers need to do the CSR job. Taneil advised, since the carrier OnTrac (800) 334-**** did not receive the item, I need to contact the vendor, "Perris" (514) 228-****. WOW! I asked her why HDs CSRs haven't contacted the vendor.

No response.

I called the vendor number and received the VM of a woman speaking French. Yikes!

Evidently, its time to stop shopping at Home Depot.

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