Paint masks surround your face and have a dual respirator

Insulation masks also surround your face and have a dual respirator

Paint particle size is much larger than insulation and in turn the COVID-19 virus particles are much, smaller than insulation, and yet being asked to wear a cloth thinner than your jeans (that you can *** through, and others can smell) is supposed to help? Absolutely ridiculous.

Preferred solution: Stop the mask nonsense.

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You don't seem to understand why people are asked to wear masks. The mask does little to protect you.

What it does is stop the droplets that carry the virus coming out of you mouth when you talk or your nose when you sneeze. Are they 100% effective? No, but when everyone wears them they do a fair job of stopping these droplets from being transmitted from one person to the next.

Sure, the mask isn't the most comfortable thing to wear but it's better than dealing with the virus. Do your part and wear a mask in crowded public places.


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