I saw on the news Home Depot buckets were being used at the building collapse site in Florida. The Home Depot logo was not covered.

This is blatant and shameful advertising. These buckets have small capacity and not sure why the rescue team would even consider using them in the first place?

I am disgusted and outraged over this. We all should be and Home Depot should be called out for this.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: Lebanon, Pennsylvania

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You are so f king rude to post this.


What a disgusting pi g you are. The rescue teams can’t bring in huge motorized equipment at this point.

There are people filling up those buckets with concrete rubble and carrying them away so as not to disturb the site as they search. I think you taking the time to complain is one of the most entitled, nasty things I have ever seen ho g.


"Depot logo was not covered" I'm with you...It makes perfect sense to take the TIME, in an urgent LIFE or DEATH situation to take the time to cover a company's logo. In a LIFE or DEATH SITUATION, mere moments don't matter(intense sarcasm). Rather than post lame nonsense like this, how about sending up a prayer for the family and the missing?


Did you ever think that the rescue teams may have purchased them there? Even if Home Depot donated them it would show that they are willing to help in an emergency which is more than other home centers would do.

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