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READ the smaller print on sales. While supplies last!

This line is their cover to avoid getting the item to you during the advertised sale period, Even though they actually have it. They make sure you can’t get the item at your store even if available at other stores. Went through many customer reps and the so called resolution team. Found the item 6 days BEFORE advertised sale ends but they won’t let me buy it .

Backorders arriving on day after sale ends. SCAM They don’t honor sale when product arrives arrives even one hour after sale ends. No big deal, but wanted to alert as to this company dishonesty and scam with popular sale items. The Depot actually sent me an email promoting the sale item but no matter what I tried, COULDNT PURCHASE IT.

Incredible but true!

I spend over $15,000 per year at the Depot, but that represents almost nothing to a company that size. If pursued, but who has the time, they are probably breaking laws with sending out advertising emails, leaving up sales displays, and actually having the product in stock at some stores but unwilling to get it to you during the advertised sale period

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There is no legal requirement for them or any retailer to transfer products from one location to another to have stock for a sale.

to Anonymous #1502991

Almost correct, but that’s not the reason for this post. Trying to alert consumers as to Home Depot policy which once again, is that if they have a sale product in stock in numerous locations nationwide you still can’t buy it on line or by phone.

FACT! You can only buy it online if it’s in stock in what THEY consider your store.

And as I have stated, the restocking occurs after the sale, in my store 1 day later. Remember that WHILE SUPPLIES LAST is what covers them, but in their interpretation it means your local store, not the thousands stocked in other locations.

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