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I was treated rudely by your employees. I will no longer be shopping at any homedepot.

My name is Thomas Thorvick.

I was a customer at the El Cajon, California store checking out about 4:00pm on July 23, 2020. My credit card number is ************ 5454 and you will never see that number used again at any of your stores

User's recommendation: Avoid.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Customer Care.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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Good thing the website deleted your part of your credit card number. You do know that this is a public forum and everyone can see what you post right?


Does not surprise me that Home Depo employees are rude to customers. When they look the other way after many attempts to contact corporate over a manager that called me a liar and was rude to me, why wouldn't the employees act that way.

When your in management you should really lead by example. When corporate won't even follow up after several attempts to contact them or shows that they *** how customers are treated. And that type of attitude will trickle down into the work force.

I am with you and completely refuse to shop at Home Depo. But us little guys mean nothing to them so we won't be missed.


But you sure will see it being used elsewhere no that you posted it on the internet.

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