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First I called after the materials, vinyl flooring for the master bedroom were delivered by Home Depot. Their scheduler from the Venice office, Ken was too busy to assist me and told me he would call me later in the day.

I called around 3:30 and he firmly told me that he would call me at the end of HIS day which was 6 pm. He did call me before 6 pm only to inform me he still did not have an opportunity to schedule me. Finally, by mid-morning he called me and said an installer would be there the following day. Prior to this install, I was told that I would have to handle any electronics and mirrors.

I agreed.

The installer showed up, I showed him the room and all the materials delivered. Next I get a call from Ken who tells me that everything has to be removed from the room. I told him that was impossible and no one said this was a requirement. I told him they installed a new floor in the spare bedroom in June and the furniture was just moved to one side and then the other as the floor was installed.

I also informed him that I had friends who did not move all their furniture from the room prior to installation of laminate. He continued to argue with me. Next I knew the installer left without saying a word.

Due to issues with Home Depot I waited almost 5 weeks for this floor. Now I have a partially disassembled bedroom, no installation and unsure what is going on.

At no point did anyone from Home Depot or your company ever inform me that all the furniture had to be removed otherwise I would have went with a more reasonable company because moving all the furniture out is NOT an option. Plus I didn't have to move the furniture from the spare bedroom.

I feel completely disrespected by Ken and his installer. They made no effort to work with me. One just made demands while the other didn't even have the courtesy to speak with me.

I have a call in with the local Home Depot manager in hopes something can be resolved.

The manager, Stacy called and told me everything that had to be done in order to reschedule the installation. None of this was told me by either the Home Depot store associate or the rep who came out to measure the floor. So I agreed.

Then the morning of the second scheduled date, an elderly couple came to my home. Once again after being on site for less than 15 minutes they left.

The boss, Ken called once again telling me the carpet was too dirty. I told him furniture was just moved and the carpet was over 20 years over. I offered to vacuum it but he said there was nothing that could be done.

The Home Depot manager, Stacy also washed her hands of it.

So I was left with product and a completely disassembled room once again. I contacted American Trust Wood Flooring who came out and did the job without moving any furniture from the room !!!

User's recommendation: Go to a Company Specializing in Floors.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Flooring Installation.

Monetary Loss: $550.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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