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on jan 27 2019 home depot in Tuscaloosa AL refused a Veterans discount. Home depot has a reputation for being wishy washy about this.

store mgr was very rude. I will never set foot in this store again and will tell every veteran I know to shop at Lowes where a 10% veterans discount is welcomed with no restrictions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Manager.

Reason of review: store manager is very rude.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Home Depot Cons: Customer service is non existant at this store.

Location: 1601 13th Ave E, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404, USA

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What were you trying to purchase? Not everything Home Depot sells quallifies for the discount.

Also Services do not qualify for the discount(only merchandise). Lastly, if you did not have proper ID or proof of service you will NOT get the discount.


The funny part is going to be in about 5-10yrs when ALL businesses remove VETERAN DISCOUNTS!! There will still be a active military discount but most businesses are getting rid of it because of how self entitled vets act when they don’t get it.

Some Vets get free money free medical and in some cases free homes and yet the moment some business doesn’t give them a discount they think they deserve they go nuts. There are so many honorable and respected veterans who look upon thier brethren vets who act that way as fools. My family is full of dedicated military both active and retired across all branches who would never place thier wants above another’s rights. Remember your oath sir that binds you still retired or not.

If that business chooses to no longer offer you a discount then that is thier right. A right sir that you swore to uphold and defend. Against All. That includes yourself.

You propose to attempt to cause harm to fellow citizens due to YOUR GREED! You sir have my respect for serving but NOT for attempting to use your veteran status to cause harm to another in full defiance of what you committed your life to do. You can’t have it both ways sir. You are either a veteran of our great military who swore a oath to defend the rights and freedoms or your a veteran who has no honor or respect for the oath or for those you swore to protect.

You have no right to influence others to not shop some place because they didn’t cater to your whim or demands due solely to a issue of YOUR greed. If they no longer offer a discount then you thank them for thier time and go where you feel will give you a discount. To do ANYTHING ELSE makes you a traitor. The moment you put yourself above those you defend you become the tyrant.

Is that what you are sir? A dishonored traitor who seeks to place his wishes above another’s rights?

If so then please stop calling yourself a veteran of our great nation. Too many great men have died to have you dishonor thier sacrifice.


I take it you haven't bothered to look at the Lowes complaint board and how many vets are crying there about discounts as well. Rather than crying about discounts you don't get your time would be better spent thanking those that do give you a discount.

A lot of stores don't offer discounts and those that do often have rule or limitations that go along with the discount. Complaining about the rules is only going to push more stores to eliminate discounts altogether.

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