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Last week I was with my son at the Kennesaw Home Depot store shopping for some items for my home. I was approached by a young blond named Sarah wearing an orange apron asking me about my water and do I use a purifier. I gave her my name, address, and phone number. Later that day, I was called on my phone to set up an appointment for an in home water test.

A couple of days later, a sales man shows up at my door. The sells man works for Rainsoft. He sets everything up with my tap water on one side of the counter and his filtered water on the other. He tried to show me how my water is hard and dirty. He would mix soap with the different water samples and shake the containers. His water would foam up and my tap water would not. He told me that the soap was busy cleaning the water and this is the reason for the lack of foam in my water. I researched the real reason for the lack of foam. It's due to the minerals in the water, not being dirty. I bought a GE profile refrigerator from the Woodstock Home depot a year ago. It has a water filter on it. Grant told me after three weeks, the water out of my refrigerator is dirtier than my tap water. He said it was because of bacteria build up. He went on to tell me I would save money on cleaning supplies because pure water is the best cleaning agent. He would clean one of my mirrors with his filtered water. Then move his fingers across it, showing me that it puts a protective covering on it, preventing smearing. Next test was water hardness test, in which my tap water tested hard. I have worked on the plumbing in my home. The pipes have been there for twenty five years. I bought a washer and drier from you and had to move the connections down to the basement. There was no build up in the pipes.

I was sold at first. I really did not know too much about water. Grant told me NASA and Starbucks uses there unit to clean their water. The price was $8000.00 with a five year supply of soap worth $8000.00. They installed the unit. It had big salt blocks in a container. I am glad I do not have high blood pressure.

Two days later, I began feeling buyer's remorse. I thought about all what just happened. I went to the Rainsoft place of operation. The first person I saw was Sarah. Yes, the same Sarah that works for you on the weekends and the one who took my name and number. I asked her, "I thought you worked at Home Depot." Sarah said in an uncomfortable voice, "I work there on the weekends." In my head I thought to myself, "This is just not ethical." During my visit at Rainsoft place of business, there were two sales people, at different times, trying to resell me on the water purifier. The pressure was intense in which they made me feel guilty for not keeping the water purifier. I had my common sense keeping me from giving in to this nonsense. Since three days have not passed yet, they had to remove the water purifier.

The next day the same guy who installed the water purifier showed up to remove it. He also tried to talk me into keeping the unit. He even went as low as to using biblical pestilent end times in revelations as a reason for keeping the unit. Fear is not a logical reason for buying anything.

Now, how do I feel about Home Depot after this event? I do not like how Rainsoft road into my home on top of Home Depot's coat tail. What I mean by this is the trust I had for you, was used in an attempted scam. The unit is not even NSF certified. I have bought several expensive things from a washer and dryer to a complete kitchen with all the appliances. I deserve to be treated better than this. I feel angry that Home Depots management agreed to let this go on in there store. Do you back this product up? Rainsoft said you did. If this is true, I feel the name Home Depot is nothing but a name to me now. To Home Depots management, to feel as I do, you should ask Rainsoft to test your own home water yourself. This may show how your customer's hard earned money is being taken. I got out before the three days was up, but many do not.

Review about: Home Depot Sales Manager.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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I Had the same issue.i believe they getting desperate to make a sale and they are trying to trick people in buying their product forcefully.i submitted my complaint to BBB and they said this Company have not answered them from all of their calls to review my case against them.i ket calling the manager to have their water system remove and she says they are scheduling someone to do it.It been two months now. and the Aqua finance which is the scam financing company that they used is calling and sending us mail telling we have to pay they for the financing.and adding an extra 20 dollars for the financing in which we did not agreed on the installation of product.Be careful to people and company like this.It seems that Home Depot is in an alliance with crooks.

Newark, Delaware, United States #957974

So disappointed about this. My husband and I just wasted our entire morning not knowing that it was RainSoft coming to our home to pitch up a sale. I am disappointed that Home Depot would go along with this.

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #865697

My family and I just experienced this same scenario in Alabama, via casual Home Depot visit, via very similar circumstances.

I financed via Rain Soft; however, I stopped the installation process the day after signing the service agreement due to not receiving any warranty/financial obligation paperwork from any point-of-contact.

They pushed hard but in the end I was glad that I did not go through with it; I feel bamboozled by Home Depot when all I wanted was a water test for my home (due to recent municpal water issues).

FYI - The callback from Home Depot (after the initial water test) only mentioned that my water was 'Ok' but would still need additional tests and they need someone to come out and visit.

When they came, I was walking upstairs in my home to find my wife standing there with a gentleman and all of his tools and beakers on my kitchen table.I knew I was duped into a sales call at that point.

Shame on Home Depot and what they are doing.

Bad taste in my mouth to say the least.

I want good water throughout my home but will find another avenue and company to obtain my goal.John

to John #912273

I see some of the people that reply to my comments (review #337959) must work for Rainsoft or Home Depot.They are just trying to smear the truth.

Go ahead buy it, you will be sorry.

My advice:

Do not buy Rainsoft water purifier. Its not NSF certified.

Look it up!


Here is a few things to clear that up!!!First off Home Depot would only pick the very best water treatment company with the best certifications and warranty.

Some dealerships don't operate the same as others. THEY DO HAVE CERTIFICATIONS ON ALL OF THEIR WATER AND AIR UNITS;


NSF/ANSI-53 Drinking Water Treatment Units, Health EffectsCommon water quality pollutants

etc etc etc.......


WQA Gold Seal. This information is public records and all you have to do is look it up. I've included information below that EVERYONE should be aware of!!!

It was all 100% the truth!!! Most consumers get their water from a public source of water or by buying bottled water. Common water pollutants may be found in both of these drinking water sources. Common water quality pollutants that affect the taste, color and odor of drinking water are chlorine, fluoride, lead, copper, aluminum and other metals.

Older plumbing and septic systems can contribute to contaminants, as well as the increased use of chemical contaminants in factories and reliance on prescription drugs also pollutes our water supply. Heavy metals...According to the EPA, the biggest water pollutants are dirt, to which heavy metals and chemical emissions attach; bacteria from septic systems and agricultural operations; and nutrients from fertilizers and animal waste. So, how does hard water affect appliances? According to...

The WQA's director of regulatory and technical affairs, Pauli Undesser, says the deposits alter how well appliances function and how long they last. It can slow and stop water flow; reduce efficiency and spur equipment to work harder. And, perhaps worst of all, it can shorten the lifespans of appliances and may result in leaks that can cause costly water damage to your home and belongings. The build-up of sediment and other minerals may make the heater as much as 48 percent less efficient, according to WQA research.

A gas heater may also start to fill with residue, and can begin to leak as the weight pushes down on tank seams, or if corrosion sets in. In fact, a study by the American Water Works Association found that washing machines used with hard water can wear out up to 30 percent faster. Allergies and asthma (etc) are even effected. The whole house activated carbon removes chlorine, which would otherwise be absorbed through the skin when you bathe or shower.

I’m quite concerned about chlorine vapors and their effect on asthma as well, so it makes sense to eliminate chlorine with this whole home system. It's like night and day when you have any skin issues, including acne and it makes a huge difference for anyone, even if you don't have those sensitivities. With over 85 percent of all water in the U.S. being hard, most American homes have to face the cold, hard truth: We’re covered in soap ***.

And that soap *** is clogging our pores and contributing to breakouts. The problem with hard water is that its high mineral content prevents it from properly reacting with soap and, instead of triggering a lather, it creates a soapy layer on the skin. This not only clogs pores, but also irritates the skin, making it itchy, flaky and dry. “These impurities in water make it difficult for soap and shampoo to wash off, leading to dryness of the skin and scalp, which directly irritate skin and cause redness and rosacea." This is the same with your laundry.

The modern economy doesn't leave a lot of room for unnecessary waste. A penny wasted here or a nickel there can add up to hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. An often overlooked budget waster is hard water and its effect on laundry. Hard water is often not an "obvious" problem to people who have not had the opportunity to compare it to soft water.

It is usually difficult to see or taste any difference between hard and soft water. The minerals that make water hard (calcium and magnesium) are usually tasteless and completely dissolved. The differences between hard and soft water become more obvious in bathing and cleaning, where hard water leaves a residue when combined with soap called "soap curd," which must itself be cleaned off. Hard water has similar effects on laundry.

Hardness minerals affect laundry in a gradual manner often not obvious in today's automated washing processes. People accustomed to hard water may not notice the increased detergent use, faster fading of colors or yellowing of whites, shortened fabric life, greater demand for hot water, increased wear on the washing machine, and extra wash and rinse cycles. But the waste is still there, slowly working away at the family budget. Fortunately, hard water can be softened, and soft water virtually eliminates these problems.

Protect Your Family When water leaves a municipal treatment facility, it meets all the guidelines of the Safe Drinking Water Act. But, the water coming out of your faucet may not. Water travels a long distance to reach your home or business. It typically goes from a water treatment facility, to a water tower, through miles of pipes, to your home where it goes through your home’s plumbing, and finally to your faucet.

The next step is to improve your drinking and cooking water even more by installing a reverse osmosis system. While removing chlorine is of great benefit, unfortunately there are many other dissolved substances in our water that are not beneficial to our health. These include dissolved medications (birth control hormones, steroids, Prozac), arsenic, cadmium, fluoride, nitrate/nitrite, VOCs, lead, mercury, heavy metals, sewage, pesticides, and petroleum. Spring water is high in sodium, calcium, and magnesium and can overtax your kidneys.

Brita systems and fridge systems get moldy, and when the filter is full and water runs through it, contaminants are actually pushed out of it making the water even more contaminated.Bottled water is very expensive, they have the same standards as public water sources, the bottles are the lowest quality of plastic, and it’s far more environmentally friendly to buy a good quality reusable water bottle and fill it at your reverse osmosis system.

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to Alotabou***eR77 #912275

You are so full of it.I bet you work for Home Depot or Rainsoft PR department.

Its not NSF certified and it cost way to much.How dare you take advantage of people.

Pensacola, Florida, United States #664877

Strange posting.She agrees to buy the water system, knew she had 3 days to cancel, however like some people she decides to change her mind 1/10 of a second later after the install, and then blames Home Depot & Rainsoft for her decision.

Why is this Home Depot's fault & Rainsoft's fault?Illogical?

to ***othere0036 #912278

What's strange about it?What do you care?

Whats you reason for being on the site and defending Rainsoft in the first place.Who do you work for?!!

to ***othere0036 #1175167

The fact that they insisted on installing it at our home an hour after we signed made me nervous.I decided to read up more on soft water and realizing they are removing important elements -namely Calcium and Magnesium along with other trace minerals which are important for your body in the long term.

I changed my mind. Luckily it was thundering and they couldn't install it that day and am invoking my right to cancel within three days. ANY COMPANY that pressures you to install so quickly does not want you to read further.

I pray to not have problems with the cancellation.They insisted on leaving the equipment in our garage which I asked them NOT to do.


Home Depot recently contracted with Basement Technologies of Canton, MA to be the New England Distributor for the Rainsoft line of Water Purification systems...If you're foolish enough to pick up one of their "Free Water Test" kits and mail it in, you will be pursued relentlessly by telemarketers offering to have a "Technician" come into your home to perform a "free evaluation"...they test for hardness, chlorine, and perform a series of performance tests against their own conditioned water using a portable filtration system...then the fun begins...unless you physically remove them from your home they will not stop selling you on their $5000 glorified water softener...Of course we all know that the water sucks...if you want to do something about it here's what I suggest:

1) Test your own water...for $30 you can perform your own, more extensive, battery of tests and remain in control of the results

2) Educate yourself on the options...Know what water hardness is, and how to remove it, understand the pros and cons of Reverse Osmosis vs regular filtration

3) Look online for suitable solutions and be smart with financing...there are dozens of manufacturers that will sell direct to the public and most accept major credit cards, don't finance through Home Depot or BTI

In case you're wondering...yes, I am a former employee...I refused to enter people's homes under false pretenses, pretending that I was from the "City Water Dept." or some other BS...

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