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Internet orders and returns of defective merchandise.

Order #: W816050319 I purchased 4 Phillips 60w A19 LED Light Bulbs and had them delivered to the Missouri City store.I needed 4 and Home Depot ordered and shipped a 4 pack.

No problem. One bulb was defective. I took it to the Sugar Land store shortly after I picked up the order for credit, they no longer stock the bulb. I had my receipt!

The store would only would credit me for $.01. They said it was a online order and I need to go back to the store where I picked it up from. I took it back to the Missouri City store and was told that it was a 4 pack and I needed to return all 4 bulbs in order to get credit or they could take the one bulb back and give me a $.01 credit. I just happened to be using the other 3 bulbs (that is what I bought them for) and told them that I could not do that because they were in use.

I was told that there was nothing they could do. I explained that I ordered 4 bulbs and Home Depot sent me a 4 pack. What difference should that make? You sold me a defective product and I want a refund!

I asked to speak to a manager. Fred showed up and said he was the manager. After reviewing by receipt he said he could only refund me $.01 unless I brought all 4 bulbs back. What kinda BS is this!

Why should I ever buy anything online if you are not going to stand by what you sell me and I cannot return it? Finally, after I continued to complaine, Fred said he would give me another bulb but it was a different manufacture and it was either that or $.01. Of course I could keep the defective bulb. If this is the way your return policy works, than I will not be buying anything online again!

You sell me a defective product and I, like any customer expect you to take it back and issue me a refund.Also, under Texas Law, you are required to sell only good working product and if it isn't than you are required to take the product back and issue a full refund or replace it!


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