I was on hold for 27 minutes no one answered the phone

User's recommendation: Don't spend your money there if you have a question and no one answered the phone.

Location: Falls Church, Virginia

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Have you looked at the complaints at other big box stores? They all have the same problem.

The employees they have are too busy helping the customers that are in their stores. I am sure that as a customer if you were in the store you would rather have them helping you rather than talking on the phone.

They are all looking for help but with the government handing out an extra $600 a week to the unemployed on top of their regular unemployment why would any of these people apply for a job that pay less than $15 an hour. I expect the situation will change once the handouts stop.


They are busy helping those in the store that are probably a sure purchase. Quit acting like they are QVC and man up and go to the store.

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