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I purchased a GE refrigerator and a dishwasher that arrived broken.I contacted Homedepot, The appliance manager told me to call GE.

I contacted GE, They told me a technician would have to come to check the damaged appliances. Many phone calls later, a technician arrived and said the dishwasher was broken. He suggested that we take it back to homedepot. Also said that It might be fixable.

I do not want a product that is broken and fixable. I want a new, working product. Weeks later, A new technician arrived. I am still waiting for a resolution.

I have reached out to GE consumer relations and have absolutely nothing to show for it. I purchased GE because it is an American made product. I am very disappointed. I work very hard and take pride in my job.

I am a nurse.I expect basic ethics from others.

Meylen Durkin- Babylon NY

Review about: Home Depot Manager.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Feel for you, and know just what you are feeling. Frigidaire did the exact same thing to me. I told them just what you said when they delivered my refrigerator broken, "I did not want to buy a new broken fridge, I wanted to buy a new working fridge", no matter electrolux/frigidaire did not care, it is their right to send me any thing they want and then repair it...where is the integrity?


Oh man they must really sell faulty merchandise as I just bought a brand new GE fridge from HD and when it arrkved it did not work thats why I am on here NOW.When I called HD yesterday after it arrived they said, after 2 hrs on the phone they could send me a new one next Tuesday which is 5 days from now.What good is that going to do meanwhile ALL MY FOOD IS RUINED IN COOLERS.

I bought the warranty which came with the 300 dollar food credit and they said they can not honor that!!!!! So i got up this morning, Friday 3/16 and went to Good Deals appliance and they sold me a way better fridge for the same price. I will not rest until I get my money for the food as they delivered a broken 1100 dollar brand new fridge and could not accomodate fast enough for a new for my family.

I am like you workhard and take pride in my business which is customer service oriented.Good luck and dont give up as I will make this my life mission to get what is deserved for me and my family


I got a shower remodel that doesn't work. The shower valve is still where the bathtub valve was and I have to bend over to turn it on.


I would first findout who actually was responsible for the delivery-GE, Home Depot and/or sub contractor?Start with the delivery people and work your way up from their.

Call and ask to speak to management. No results then write to corporate headquarters of both Home Depot and GE.

Go to the local BBB.Findout from the government if who ever is licensed, bonded and/or insures deliveries.


Hello Meylen,

We would like to look into this situation for you. Can you email us your details at We look forward to hearing from you.

Nikki from GE

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