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Update by user Jul 19, 2020

As of 07/19/2020 no one at HD has ever contacted me directly regarding this monumental inexcusable screwup. Only after considerable time and effort on my part through numerous repeated calls to their customer service did I finally receive a full credit refund of the order.

Update by user Jun 25, 2020

Well, the saga continues. Got on the phone with HD customer service at 12N, June 25.

Explained the entire cancellation request saga to the new CS agent. The new agent began looking into why I had not received a credit notification email from HD. Turned out that none of the previous three (3) CS agents had obtained an RGA# from LG (apparently indicates that the damaged refrigerator was returned to LG). The current CS agent called LG and obtained the needed RGA#.

With the RGA# the CS agent called the local HD store (apparently online orders are routed through the local store for referral to manufacturer to fulfill). I was kept ON-HOLD for 2 hrs/15 min waiting for someone at the local store to speak with the CS agent so that they could get the RGA# entered into the local stores records and thereby obtain a needed approval from the store manager. The CS agent, after waiting on-hold for an hour came back to me and explained all that was going on and suggested that she could give me the RBA# and the phone number she uses to connect with the accounting office of the local store, and I then could pursue this effort on my own---say what?!I explained that I thought that since this is a HD action, that her being a CS agent might prove more effective in getting the needed approvals and actions accomplished. The CS agent sighed, but agreed to stick with it and put me back on-hold.

As the time closed in on 2 hrs 15 min of waiting-- the CS agent came back to me and said that she "believed" that she had it all worked out now, and that the store manager "promised" to approved the order cancellation refund today, and that I would be receiving an email from him today that would confirm that the refund was processed. In this painful adventure--time will tell.

Update by user Jun 25, 2020

You just can't make this stuff up.Delivery of a new LG refrigerator, purchased from Home Depot, was rescheduled for Friday June 19, 2020. At 2:30P the delivery/installation team arrived at my home.

After reviewing the routes available to move old refrigerator out and move the new one into the house, the team set out to take the doors off the old refrigerator and move the pieces out of the house and out to their truck (Note: the entire time that the team was in my home and working on the old refrigerator, the senior delivery/installer constantly complained about number of work hours, company management, etc, etc. He also indicated that the company he worked (JD Hunt/Final Mile) was under contract to Home Depot and that the two companies didn't communicate very well between them).Once the old refrigerator was completely removed from my home, only then did the delivery/installation team begin unboxing the new LG refrigerator. I was present as they unboxed the refrigerator. As the box and packing materials were removed it became very apparent that the new refrigerator was not going to be moving into my home.

Major areas of the back of the refrigerator were severely damaged (looked like someone with a baseball bat had beat the heck out of the back panel). The delivery team appeared to be dumbfounded at this turn of events.As was the directions provided by HD for inspecting and acceptance of the refrigerator--I told the driver/installers that I would not be able to accept the delivery or installation of the damaged refrigerator. Now my wife and I were left with no refrigerator and all our frozen and refrigerated food stuffed into 3 large ice chests. The old refrigerator couldn't be reinstalled as the delivery team has cut wires and water lines that led from the doors to the refrigerator, and they said that they didn't have the needed parts to repair it.The delivery team provided me with a name and phone number for a warehouse supervisor (Tyler Anderson).

I called Mr. Anderson and explained all that happened and asked if they could provide a "loaner" until a new replacement LG refrigerator could be obtained to replace the damaged one. Mr. Anderson explained that it was all on HD to arrange with LG and that they (JD Hunt) only had products in their warehouse that were to be installed.

So, no refrigerator.I then called the HD customer service number (800-455-****) and eventually was connected to a CS agent (named Albert) who checked with LG to see if they had the same model I purchased available-- turned out that it was backordered and wouldn't be available to have installed until July 10. I expressed my dismay and frustration at the fact that my wife and I now had to managed juggling food and dry ice around three (3) ice chests and how grossly inappropriate it was that after spending $2000 HD was going to let us struggle through the several weeks living out of ice chests. Albert was sympathetic. He explained that HD is only a showroom for appliance manufacturers and does not hold any stock in inventory or at its warehouses.

When you order an appliance from HD, they route the order to the manufacturer who in-turn ships the appliance to HD's contracted delivery/installation company (JD Hunt).No effective solution to our not having a refrigerator was found. Albert then suggested that we buy a small chest freezer from HD and use it to keep frozen foods until the new refrigerator could be installed. Then he said that after the replacement refrigerator is in place we could take the chest freezer back to HD and request a refund.The HD CS agent and I parted company with no solution to the problem, and with no apologies or apparent concern for the fact that this situation happened.After my wife and I fumed over and discussed the situation further, we decided to just cancel the entire order, and we would find another refrigerator at some other retailer.Once again I called the HD customer service number and spoke with a different CS agent. After reviewing and explaining the whole effort that took place with CS agent Albert earlier in the same afternoon, the current CS agent was very curt and unsympathetic to the situation.

When I finally expressed my wife and my desire to cancel the entire order, the CS agent got defensive and snarky. I expressed my frustration and dissatisfaction with how HD was handling this matter and putting all of the onerous on me and my wife for what was clearly HD's problem to resolve, and to resolve as expeditiously as possible.Begrudgingly the CS agent initiated the cancellation of the entire order. I reconfirmed that the entire order had been cancelled. the CS agent confirmed that it had been cancelled.

I asked if there was a confirmation number that I could have to reference the cancellation action, and the CS agent said "no," that I would be receiving an email in a day or two that would confirm the cancellation and credit. The called was ended. This all took place the evening of Friday, June 19.By late afternoon Monday, June 22, I had not received any confirming email from HD regarding the cancellation of the order. So, I called the CS number, again, and spoke with a new CS agent.

I once again explained what had transpired previously and asked if she could confirm that the cancellation had "in-fact" actually been initiated. After a considerable amount of time on-hold, the CS agent returned and explained that the cancellation had been initiated but for some reason it had been put into a "hold" queue which kept it from being moved through processing. So, the CS agent said that she took the hold off of the cancellation request and routed into their approval process. When done, the CS agent said that there were no confirmation numbers for the action, but that I'd receive an email when the action had been completed and the refund credit initiated, and that it might take 1 to 2 days to receive that email.It is now the afternoon of June 24, and I have still not received any email from HD regarding the cancellation of my refrigerator order or the refund credit to my credit card.So, here I go again-- calling HD Customer Service to find out why I do not have a order cancellation refund.MY TWO CENTS: I cut up and cancelled my Home Depot credit card.

Even though Lowes is 15 miles from home and Home Depot is only 3 miles away--I will drive the extra miles to keep from EVER buying anything from Home Depot.

They are not a customer-centric business. They couldn't care less about their customers, or apparently their reputation.

Original review posted by user Jun 19, 2020

Ive been a Home Depot customer for nearly 20 years. In all that time Ive purchased a myriad of home improvement products, supplies, landscaping and appliancesboth in-person at my local HD stores and through the HD online presence.

During those years Ive only had a very few instances where I had a customer service issue with HD or an HD contractor, and in those unfortunate occurrences HD was very quick and customer-centric in getting issues resolved. Because of that level of customer care, Ive stuck with HD.


My wife and I recently ordered a new refrigerator (June 6, 2020). The order (WA9002****) was placed using the HD online shopping, which we found to be very clean and easy to use. When the order was finalized, information was emailed to us that indicated that the refrigerator would be delivered June 11, 2020 and that sometime during the preceding day (June 10, 2020) we would receive a call that would clarify in which 4-hour window the delivery and installation would occur.

On June 10, 2020 at approx.

2:15PM an unidentified 888 number called my cell phone number. At the time, I was unable to answer the call, so the call wouldve rolled over to my voicemail (SIDE NOTE: Even if I am able to answer my phone, I seldom if ever answer a call from a blind 800, 888, or 900 toll number). When I was finally able to check my phone for vmessages and email, there was a notice that a blind 888 number had called, but there was NO voice message left by the caller of that number. For the remainder of June 10, 2020, there were no other calls, email, or text messages received from HD or your deliver service that would provide my wife and me with advance notice of which 4-hour delivery window would be assigned to the delivery of our new refrigerator (NOTE: we needed that advanced information so that we would have the needed time to move refrigerated/frozen foods into ice chests and prep for the removal/installation activities).

My wife and I turned in for the night not knowing when the delivery service was going to show up on June 11, 2020.

At 7:21A June 11, 2020 the delivery driver called my phone, which was not in my bedroom, and left vmessage stating that they were 30-minutes from our home and would be there at 8:00A.

My wife and I were still asleep at 8:00A. At 8:10A our dogs started barking wildly, awakening us. Checking our security cameras, we saw that someone was at our front door ringing the doorbell. By the time we got up, got dressed and put our dogs outside, the person at the door had left.

At approximately 8:20A I received a call from a blind 800 number.

Because of the circumstances, I chose to answer the call. It was a woman from the HD delivery service calling to tell me that the delivery driver was at our home and waiting to deliver/install the refrigerator. Her attitude was curt. I tried to explain that we were not ready for the delivery, and moreover that we had not received any call or information from HD letting us know which 4-hour delivery window was being assigned for our refrigerator delivery.

The woman became even more curt and stated that her computer, and that was all she could go by, said that a ROBO call was initiated at about 2:15P June 10, 2020, and that the ROBO call wouldve provided that information.

I tried to explain that (1) the ROBO was a blind 888 number, (2) the ROBO call did not leave any vmessage, and (3) the ROBO call never attempted to recall my number to ensure that its message was delivered. The woman became even more curt and said matter-of-factly that she could reschedule us for June 19, 2020, and that a ROBO call will call on June 18 to advise as to which delivery window will be assigned (NOTE: I asked how I was supposed to know that the ROBO call was from HD and not some junk call? She said all our calls have Puerto Rico on the callerID, if your phone shows such information. Apparently, mine doesnt, as all that shows up is a blind 888 number).

So, the delivery that was supposed to have occurred today, June 11, 2020, will now be delayed for another week.

This just adds more customer frustration to an already untenable, yet easily avoidable, situation.

Suggested Change/Improvement

HD desperately needs to rethink how it is handling the delivery of large appliances to customers. There is little to no excuse for HD to be using blind, impersonal ROBO calls. The use of such antiquated customer contact is inexcusable and poses a lot of problems (see above).

ROBO calls are impersonal

ROBO calls are blind and do nothing to indicate that they are from HD

ROBO calls dont leave a vmessage. To get information recipient must actually answer call.

This is totally impractical and unrealistic (I work during the day in a secure office where cell phones are not allowed).

ROBO calls dont log that it did not make contact with customer and then reattempt the call.

No other retailer that my wife and I deal with (Lowes, Ferguson, Amazon, Wolf Furniture, Hayneedle, etc.) uses antiquated ROBO calls. They use personal phone calls, email, and/or text messaging to provide needed information and follow-up to customers. HD should be leveraging the same contemporary means of communication with their customers. HD should provide the customer with the option of choosing how HD will contact them for follow-up and delivery coordinationwhether purchase was made in-store with a sales associate or made through HD online.

Such offered contact should default to personal phone call (thereby assuring that the customer will receive the delivery information and be able to respond to any questions customer may have regarding delivery). The following should be customer selectable contact options

Phone (Default)


Text Message

Both email and text message

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Depot Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Home Depot Pros: Nice selection of home improvement products.

Home Depot Cons: Delivery service and notification processes.

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