So, my oven goes, and I know which one I want, cuz I've previously priced it at Home Depot. But, now its on back order along with every other appliance, for weeks if not months.

I place the order and wait, while going without an oven for that time. The day comes when it's supposed to be delivered, no call no show. Four more days, still no call no show. Call the number, on a Sunday, at is says 24 hours 7 days a week, but no, it's a lie.

Call again Monday. Spend over an hour on the phone, long distance. So then they want to deliver another 4 days later, like no biggie, so you're hanging around again waiting, we don't care about your time. Zip Nota.

Well for $600.00 they oughta care. Honestly, I had a major problem with a Home Depot Windows Installation where they showed up and installed the wrong window brand and the wrong style, major 2 year ordeal. Then they installed a door and come to find out an entire inner hinge was missing, so the door kept flying open in the wind because it was off balance with no upper hinge and just a casing.

It is seriously a wonder to me that Home Depot is in business. They are due for some real competition.

Location: Niagara Falls, New York

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