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I called to ask a question about an appliance I bought ... got transferred to appliances let it ring 7 times no answer ..

transfer up front again ... ring ring ring .. on hold ... answer ...

they send me back to appliance after I told them no one is answering ... appliances rang 7 or 8 times ... no answer .. auto transfer back up front ..

ring ring ring ... on auto hold ... then answer ... I told them still no one is answering in appliances ...

she sends me back to appliances and it rang 7 or 8 times .. no one answered and I get auto transferred up front again ... I tell her this is getting super old tell someone to insert the phone !!!!!! She transfers me again to appliances ring ring ring no answer and it goes back up front and then up front transfers me back ...

finally a smart *** answers the phone and says to my question about an appliance ' it's not Home Depot's fault , it's Mexico's fault cuz they didn't have all the right parts ' the guy would take zero responsibility for Home Depot and the fact that I wrote the check so to speak to HOME DEPOT NOT MEXICO ! EXTREMELY BAD POOR HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Don't buy any home depot tools because they fall apart very easily. John/Lumber Associate of Home Depot#4615 of Norfolk Virginia

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