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On the 10th I ordered a combination of tools I needed for my current job. (The job is over now.) Tools, mind you, that are on the shelves.

Tools I have since held in my hands and read the label to make sure they were the same as what I ordered. All there. On the date of ordering I read on the order that I could puck them up from the store the next day. However, on the next day I was told they would not be delivered to the store until the 22nd to the 25th.

An uncommonly long wait unless I am ordering something special. Not wanting to give the cashier trouble, as she is not responsible for the issue, I called customer care. I was told that because it was a kit it was to be shipped directly from the manufacturer. However, I was free to cancel my order and buy each tool individually.

(For well over a hundred dollars more.) 2 lines I would hear/read copy and pasted several times in the correspondence to come. I let it alone for the time being because I had to get to work. On the 16th however, I was checking the tracking number to see its general location. I was delighted to see that, not only had It left Dallas the day before.

A 1.5-hour drive from the store. So at most it would take a day to get there in the course of a day of deliveries. But the delivery date had been updated to the 17th. Of course, I thought there is no way it would take two weeks to ship from Georgia to Texas.

I thought to call and ask, and was told the truck was unloading, thus I decided to wait until the next day to allow them time to sort things out. Only to discover that the Website had updated, and was now displaying the delivery date as the 25th once again. My order was apparently not delivered to the store. I searched everywhere on their website for an email, I could send the pictures I had taken of the dates.

I finally came upon a number I could text. While I couldn't send pics, and was told that wouldn't be necessary, I conversed with the person on the other end for about 30 minutes. At the end of which I came to 2 conclusions.

I should have gone to Lowes, and I was going to have to wait or pay more money. All I was getting was the same response reworded over and over.

User's recommendation: Go to a small business, or even Lowes.

Home Depot Pros: Good prices, Good people on the local level, Many choices.

Home Depot Cons: Greedy at a corporate level, Inefficient practices, Unwilling to work with customers.

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