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I would NOT reccoend the Home Depot store in The Dalles, OR.

My husband is remodling a house that was pretty much destroyed by the previous tentant. We went to Home Depot for at least the 3rd time that week, to buy paint. They were having a "great" sale on Behr paint, 20% off.

Well, we got to the register with 3 (5 gallon) buckets of paint and some other miscelleneous stuff and the total was more than we thought. When questioned the cashier explained that the paint was a mail in rebate. When the guy who mixed the paint was mixing it he never mentioned mail in rebate.

I went to look at the sign and sure enough in small print it did say "mail in rebate" well I asked for a manager. The manger came and said something like What do you want me to do about it? I explained that I thought the signs were misleading and he infomred me that all of thier paint sales are mail in rebates, like everyone should know this? Anyway I felt he was very rude and not at all helpful. We bought only the 1 bucket that we had mixed, thank goodness the others were white, and left with just that. I hope that they feel this in the finacial center becuase we still have all of the flooring, some things in the kitchen and the bathroom that we need to fix but will not be supporting this business.

Location: Cookson, Oklahoma

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I am a contractor and have used Home Depot for a number of years. The products they sell as in any "Big Box" store are based on hitting the consumers "price point".

That does NOT always relate to the most Quality product. You as a consumer are going to Home Depot because of the large selection of products and the price they are offered at, and in many cases the 6 months zero percent interest by putting the purchase on the Home Depot credit card. WE ALL know , you get what you pay for so dont complain about quality in a product unless you pay for a Quality Product. For the people that complained about the " mail in rebate" The rebate comes from the manufacturer, not the vendor, Home Depot doesnt make the paint, they sell it.

DAH Home Depot does a great job giving the consumer a wide varity of products, and are very competitve in the industry.

I have learned after 37 years in my home improvement business that some people you just cant please no matter what. The best sleeping pill , is a clear conscience.


I have alway received my rebate from Behr, either applying online or on the rare occassion that didn't worked, I mailed it in and received my rebate. On another note Behr paint is an excellent product, we have used it for years and it holds up well.

We have it inside and outside our house. Mu husband passed away and I didn't hesitate buying Behr again. It is not watered down like most paints on the market.

I just finished painting a huge barn with it and the only area that required primer first, was very weathered through the years. After priming it it took the paint very well.


what a whiner! read the entire "deal" before you buy anything, and you won't have the need to call the manager.

what is so difficult about sending in a mail-in rebate anyway? i've done rebates countless times, and i have never had any issues.


A couple years ago I used the Home Depot mail in rebate. Mailed it in and never got the rebate.

I called the Rebate Center and they said they mailed it out and to wait another few weeks and they would mail me another one which I didnt receive.I called back and they said they mailed it out and again I told them I didnt receive it. This went back and forth 5 or 6 times. I called the Home Depot Store and told them I was going to stand out in front with a sign "Rip Offed at Home Depot".

The Manager told me to bring my receipt in and she would honor it. It wasnt worth the aggrevation, though it was about $160.00 dollars in rebate.


I had to use 12 gallons of paint to cover my basement behr is the worst paint I have ever used. We bought ben moore that paint is amazing covers really well you pay more but it is worth it you will end up paying more with behr you will have to buy so much to cover.

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