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On Dec 28, 2015 after about of month of searching, comparing, and agonizing over cost, my husband and I ordered the Home Decorators Collection Rosengrant in Black Distressed Finish. It came fast, received the email to come pick it up in store by Jan 5.

Got it home, spent 2 1/2, 3 hours putting it together and it was beautiful! It was only missing an L bracket, but since it was in the back I wasn't overly concerned with it. Three days later, it stopped working. The code flashing on the panel wasn't even in their manual.

Called the customer service number on the front of the manual and after explaining my problem, I was told that there was no tech support on the weekends but she would get a message to them and I would receive a phone call 24-48 hours starting that Monday. I then demanded to speak to a supervisor, and believed we had resolved the issue but settling on a new firebox insert to be sent. On Monday I got a called asking when a good time would be to pick up the fireplace! I wasn't very happy, but understanding that if I wanted to get a new one this probably had to happen.

Got a call on Tuesday from the supervisor in question, confirming that a replacement had been found (the item I order was out of stock online and back ordered until February) and that it would be delivered to my home free of charge, and that I should have it by the following week. On Thursday I received another call from a lady at the Customer Service Center, explaining that the original person I spoke to was ill, but here was my Estes pro track number. Great. See it was delivered on the 19th, emailed customer service to confirm it was actually in the store.

Got an email back stating that yes it was, just had to present the order number and my ID. Only problem here was I had no order number as one had not been provided. Called the customer service line at the end of the email, got a lady who ended up transferring me to the store in Lincoln, Nebraska and no where near my store in Great Falls, MT. Called back, ended up talking to someone else who informed me that my order had been refunded and there was no new order.

When I asked to speak to a supervisor or someone who knew what they were talking about she got defensive and kept on saying that her supervisor would tell me the same thing and she couldn't do anything with my case number. Hung up and called the Customer Service Center and got Yvonne, who actually did try and do everything she could before she Transferred me to Felicia, who told me that the item I wanted was on back order and she couldn't do anything until I paid for a new one! When I told her all I wanted was the order number for the one that was in store waiting for me, she kept repeating herself until she finally called my local store and spoke with a manager. Confirmed it was there, all I had to do was go pay for the new one and pick it up, which was totally going against the original argreement, and completely out of my way, but I wanted my fireplace, I didn't even care I had to put another one together.

Pick it up, the box is absolutely trashed at one end and a big gouge out of the side. I should have demanded that they open it, but I didn't think they wouldn't screw over a customer twice. Get it home, open the box and start taking out boxes. I notice that one of the drawers doesn't look right I go to touch it and it falls in my hand broken.

In shock, I started looking at the mantel more closely, finish was bubbled, one edge was completely bashed in, scratches everywhere....I was in tears when I called Customer service and told them what happened. John seemed to sympathize with what happened and willing to work with me. A new mantle piece could take 7-10 days, plus the two days to file a claim, same with a new drawer. I asked what happened to the fire place I already put together, could I have the mantle or the whole thing back?

He called the store, no they didn't have it, another entity handled the pick-up since it was an online order. But if I would keep it as-is they would offer me an in-store gift card for an uncertain amount. I said, okay, I'll accept that and a new drawer, all of a sudden he's not sure if he can get the mantel or the drawer. I said fine, I'm returning it, what are you going to do to make this right?

Basically, I would have to wait another week or two to get another fireplace. But oh, wait! I DON'T have to pay for them to pick it up. My husband went up there after he came home from work and found me crying in frustration, and they told him the same thing: Nothing we can do, refund and another wait if we chose to reorder.

No guarantee of a discount (a severe one I might add, due the the time and frustration), or a guarantee of blemish and glitch proof product, won't use another carrier, will not ship any faster. One, I understand. Two in a row??? Outrageous and no attempt to make things right without having to wait weeks.

For the price I was paying, that fireplace should have been pristine and worked forever with no problems and possibly got up and danced the hokie-pokie for entertainment once and awhile.

Seriously re-considering ever doing business with Home Depot again, while I watch the television from my desk, which I had to move out from my bedroom to kept the TV off of the floor because I had stupidly given the old TV stand away since we got a beautiful new one. :(

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with supervisor at customer care and stated that there is a room for improvement of customer service line and customer service in-store. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "two fireplaces, same model. first defective, second damaged." of home decorators collection rosengrant media fireplace and associated monetary loss in the amount of $529. Home Depot needs to "severe price reduction, the company to check the item before it's shipped, and free shipping to my house that doesn't take 7-10 days" according to poster's claims.

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