I always get ply wood and I couldn't get help from no employee to get it down. And couldn't get it cut the young lady said the machine was not working and I also needed help getting it in my truck and I had to get a customer who put it in my truck.

I purchase all my wood and I was not satisfied with the service I received.

And I would like to get a gift card or something. Thank you

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

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Cry me a river. Retail stores are short staffed due to the virus and the governments response.

With the government giving unemployed people $600 a week ($15 an hour) on top of their unemployment check people have absolutely no incentive to apply for a job that is going to pay them less. For the time being you are going to have to accept that less than optimal service is going to be the new normal.


Someone is going to figure out and that person is going to make bank.People want value for their money. People are not going to be loyal to a store that falls down on the job.

I had never shopped Lowe’s before. Now I do.

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