We recently purchased a vacation home in Fox Lake, Illinois. We have been shopping at the nearest Home Depot location which is in Volo, Illinois for our home improvement needs.

I have been very disappointed in that location's lack of enforcement with regard to the mandatory mask policy. Every time we are in the store there are multiple customers either not wearing a mask or wearing it under their chin. On at least two occasions, the customers were directly interacting with store staff members; asking questions, placing orders etc.

On yet one more additional occasion, I personally pointed out a customer without a mask to a member of staff and they took no action to ensure compliance.

There is a Menards across the street and I am considering shifting my home improvement shopping there because of the lackadaisical approach to this very important health protection. I am asking that management of this store location be advised of the need to have customer compliance and that staff are readily enforcing Home Depot's stated and advertised policy on mask wearing.

Location: Addison, Illinois

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regular associates cant not enforce it. only those in management who have authority to ask people to leave can ask them to either wear a mask which if they don't have we can give them one.

or if they choose to not wear one the manager can then ask them to leave. at that point they either have to wear the mask or leave.

it's happened for other reasons not for masks but the fact you're asked to leave a privately owned companies premises for not following their rules means you are now tresspassing. the police can and will be called and you then will be escorted out


Complain to their Corporate Headquarters about this. Their contact information is either found on This website or online

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