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I had a vinyl patio door put in with a 18 month no interest fee but after 12 months I was charged interest. I did the paperless statement which was a big mistake.

Don't fall for that. After a year I don't have my papers and you know the online statements don't go that far back. Going to pay them off in full and will never deal with them or Citi Bank again. For all of you out there don't be *** like me.

Never go paperless statement, thats how they get you.

And then they talk to you like your *** over the phone but you live and learn. Good luck !!!!!!!!

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Paperless statements means they don't mail you a statement. You meed to look it up online.

If you had looked at your online statements you would have seen you were only on a 12 month program. Take responsibility for your inaction.

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